.travel has a flourishing secondary market

Top level domains that serve an industry, such as .travel, have high levels of name use since most businesses have little desire to sell the names that represent their brands and products. However, a solid secondary market still exists for .travel names, as the recent transfer of shows.

As part of Easter Island Traveling’s growth and preparation for the future, it proudly announced that it bought a new premium website URL with a .travel extension – Domains with these extensions are available exclusively to verified travel and tourism businesses and organizations. This premium domain was sold to Easter Island Traveling for not more than 1,000,000 CLP (US$1,545) by a Chilean private owner. At the same time the company changed its website URL from  to It also changed its company name to Easter Island Travel to better fit the domain and for a cleaner, slicker impression. To read more about Easter Island, or if looking for any travel tips, tour service, or hotel, please visit their website at