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Name Selection Policies

There are two types of .travel Name selection policies:

  1. Name selection restrictions that flow from ICANN policies and contracts; and
  2. Name selection restrictions that flow solely from the Registry’s delegated authority.

The central principle of name selection is that the first eligible applicant for a name will be entitled to register that name. The date and time of completion of all application requirements, including registration and authentication data, will determine the applicant’s order of priority.

Any name that is not registered by reason of the ineligibility of the applicant will be released and available for registration.


ICANN-related Name Restrictions

1. Permissible Characters and Naming Conventions

Domain names must:

  • be at least 3 characters and no more than 63 characters long;
  • be a name on the second level (e.g. AAA.travel where “AAA” designates the second level) unless approval has been obtained for name registration at the third level (e.g. BBB.aaa.travel, where “BBB” designates the third level;
  • not contain a hyphen on the 3rd and 4th position (this usage is reserved for International Domain Name implementation);
  • contain only letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens or a combination of these; and
  • start and end with an alphanumeric character, not a hyphen

1.1 ISO characters

Two-character names are initially reserved, apart from two-character names used by the airline industry. The Registry will seek approval for the use of such two-character names on the same basis as such use was permitted for the .aero TLD. Permission from the appropriate government and country code manager or the ISO 3166 maintenance agency is required for registration of these names in .travel.

1.2 Country Names

Country names are not available for registration as second-level names according to the Registry’s contract with ICANN, the Registry will permit limited registration within the terms of the policy set out in subsection 2.2.3 of the Registration Policies.

2. Reserved Words and Reserved Names

2.1 ICANN Reserved Words

The Registry’s contract with ICANN includes an Attachment that sets out certain words that are routinely used in managing the Internet (e.g. xml, nic). These words must be permanently reserved. The contract also sets out other reserved words are set aside for the operation of the .travel Registry (e.g. whois). These words are selected by the Registry and the Registry Operator and are also permanently reserved.

2.2 Country Names and Industry Words

The Registry will set aside a group of country names and industry words that will be available for registration only according to policies specifically relating to the registration and use of such names. The group of country names will include the names of all countries in English and also in their local form. See, subsection 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 below.

2.3 Disputed Names

The Registry may set aside names that are being reviewed under .travel dispute resolution procedures. These names may become available for registration after the dispute is concluded.


Registry-defined Name Policies

3 Registrant-related Names

3.1 Name Basis

Name registration is limited to names to which the registrant holds or uses, not limited to but including:

  • “Doing Businesss As”, or Trading Name
  • Trademark (registered, or by use)
  • Domain Name used as a trading name
  • Service Mark (registered, pending or by use)
  • Product Name (by registered copyright or use)
  • Division Name (by use)
  • Subsidiary Name (wholly-owned or controlled)
  • Promotion or Venture Name (by use)
  • Partnership Name (by registration or use)
  • Club Name (by use)
  • Competition, Games or Event Name (registered, pending or by use)
  • Transport Vessel Name (registered)
  • Acronyms of an eligible name where such acronym is not less than three letters (e.g. ABC.travel)

3.2 No Limitation in Number

Registrants are not limited in the number of names they may register.

3.3 Registrant Representations

The registration application and registrant agreement will contain positive representations from the registrant that they are entitled to the name(s) they are or have registered. Breach of such representation will allow the Registry to revoke ineligible names at any time.

3.4 Evidence of Name Basis

The Registry requires that the applicant submit documented proof of use of names at the time of authentication. The authenticating organization will collect such documentation and review it.

3.5 Equivalent Rights

The Registry will accept any applications on a “first-come, first-served” basis. In the event an application does not meet the requirements of the Registry Policies, then such .travel domain names will be returned to the general pool of available names.

3.6 Names Including the String “travel”

Where the applicant’s name rights include a name including the word “travel” (e.g. ABC Travel, or ABC XYZ Travel), the Registry will accept registration of a name in which the string “travel” is formed at the first level and the remainder of the name is formed at the second level (e.g. ABC Travel may register the name “ABC.travel”, subject to limitations that may be placed on the string at the second level as a result of the Registry’s policy on Generic Names, Industry Names, Country Names and Place Names.

3.7 Multipart Names

The Registry will accept registrations of multipart names only where such parts are separated by a hyphen in the correct location (e.g. AAA-BBBB.travel). Names in the form AaaBbb.travel are not considered multipart names and no restrictions apply.

3.8 Place Names, Generic Names and Included Generic Names

Where a name applicant holds rights to a name that is a place name, or a generic or general term, such as “global”, that name will be permitted where it is not previously reserved by the Registry as an Industry Name pursuant to policy 5.3.5. For example, an applicant that uses the name “Global Travel” will be permitted to register the name “global.travel” if the word “global” has not been previously reserved by the Registry. In the event that a single generic word forming part of an applicant’s name has been reserved by the Registry and other words forming part of the applicant’s name are not reserved, the applicant will be entitled to register a name containing the full string as a multipart name, including the reserved string (e.g. “ABC Global” will be entitled to register ABCGloabal.travel, or ABC-Global.travel in the case where the string “global” has been reserved by the Registry.) The same policy will apply to a place name forming part of a name to which the applicant holds rights. Where the place name is the entire name of the applicant, it will not be accepted for registration (e.g. “Big Montana Travel”, will be permitted to register the string “BigMontana.travel”, but an applicant holding rights to the name “Montana Travel” will not be entitled to register the string “Montana.travel”)

In the event that an applicant selects a name using only a reserved name (e.g. Montana.travel) the applicant will be so informed at the time of registration and will be given the opportunity to select a name that includes the generic, reserved word but extends it by the addition of another word that is related to the applicant’s location or name rights. For example, if the name “global” has been reserved and applicant is located in New York, they will be permitted to register the name “globalnewyork.travel”. If the applicant’s other name rights include the use of the name “Executive Travel”, they will be permitted to register the name “globalexecutive.travel”. A name that includes a generic word that has been reserved by the Registry cannot be modified by a word, generic or otherwise, to which the registrant does not hold name rights or which is not its location of business.

3.9 Country Names and Place Names

The Registry will reserve country and place names (place names include city names, county names, continental names, regional names, state, province and territory names) at its discretion. Such names will be posted in its reserved word list which will be available to any applicant on the Registry website. Country Names (e.g. France) and Place Names (e.g. America, New York, London) may be made available for registration under special policy that the Registry may set from time to time. In the case of Country Names, such names will only be made available in a manner consistent with ICANN and other applicable policies at the time.

Initially, the Registry will reserve Country Names and Place Names for registration by the applicable governmental authority, agency, board or bureau that holds a right to such name in the manner set out in 2.3.1 above. Such bodies will be given priority over private entities that also hold rights to the same name for a specific period of time. In determining competing rights between similar agencies, the first applicant will receive the name.

3.10 Industry Names

The Registry will reserve industry names at its discretion (e.g. global, international). Such names will be posted in its reserved word list which will be available to any applicant on the Registry website. Industry names may be made available for registration under special policy.

Industry names are available for registration in a multipart name (e.g. AAA-Global.travel), or in the non-multipart form (e.g. AAAGlobal.travel) where such usage is consistent with the terms of 2.3.3.

3.11 Third-level Names

All registrants will have the right to use any name at the third level, where they hold the right to the second level name (e.g. where AAA.travel is held, the registrant will be entitled to use BBB.AAA.travel, CCC.AAA.travel etc.) Such third level uses are not managed or supported by the Registry.

Registrants are not entitled to sell or allocate third level names to entities that are not owned or controlled by the registrant. For example, a travel association is not entitled to allocate third level names to its members.

4 Start-up-registration (concluded)

The Registry will initiate a program of testing and assessment during its startup period to develop support for the TLD and to evaluate procedures for name selection, authentication, documentary requirements and technical support for authenticating associations. (See: Appendix S Part 1V to the Registry Agreement at http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcement-24mar05.htm for the complete Startup Plan, this section provides only a brief summary)

The startup period will begin with 60-90 days of authentication during which members of travel associations that have agreed to support the authentication process, and travel industry holders of a D-U-N-S number, will be entitled to submit authentication data for review and approval. If such entities have their eligibility confirmed they will receive a confirmation number and a list of names that, based on the data they have supplied, they will be entitled to apply to register. All name registrations during startup and later will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

The startup period will include a period of 90 days during which only the entities that have been authenticated will be entitled to register a domain name. This period is referred to as “Limited Launch”. Five days prior to the first day of Limited Launch authentication will be stopped and a list of those that have been authenticated will be compiled. Those entities that are on the list on the first day of Limited Launch will be entitled to apply to register a domain name at any time during Limited Launch and thereafter.

On the first day of Limited Launch authentication will be re-started and carried out in the same manner as prior to Limited Launch. All entities that are authenticated during the first 25 days of Limited Launch will be placed on a list of eligible parties. These eligible parties will be permitted to apply to register a domain name only starting on the first day of the second month of Limited Launch and thereafter. The process of carrying out authentication and compiling a list of eligible parties will be followed in the first 25 days of the second month of Limited Launch and the third month of Limited Launch. Those parties that have been confirmed to be eligible during the first 25 days of the third month of Limited Launch will be entitled to apply to register a domain name on the first day of full, global launch and thereafter.

All start-up registrations will be taken through ICANN-accredited registrars that will be approved by the Registry.