10.14.08 Travolution, “Dot-travel domain set for relaunch”

10.14.08 Travolution, “Dot-travel domain set for relaunch”

Dot-travel domain set for relaunch

Dot-travel is planning a major relaunch of the top-level domain name across the globe.

Tralliance, the organisation behind, has chosen the European Tour Operators Association conference and WTM for a full UK launch.

It will also unveil plans for the remainder of the year and 2009.

Frederic Servieres, who heads dot-travel in the UK, said: “We want to give it a new momentum and boost its presence worldwide.”

Dot-travel will sponsor the ETOA conference as well as share its stand at WTM.

The organisation is also targeting large companies within the industry as well as representatives from China, Russia and India to explain the benefits of

According to Servieres the relaunch is also about getting the partners involved in promoting the TLD to be more proactive.

“They need to be able to meet the right people, have the tools to promote and feel confident about promoting it in their local market,” Servieres said.

“Up until now it has been seen as a US-focused thing.”

El Salvador is the latest country to take up the dot-travel initiative.

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