10.23.08 TravelDailyNews, a new tool for the hospitality and travel industry

Knowing how little time business owners and managers have to read e-mail, find
qualified employees, and run their businesses, the team wanted to find a
solution and fill this niche. With the ability to quickly search candidates and job
opportunities from handheld, mobile devices or desktop computers, is easy to use and simple for even the non-tech savvy individual.

With the present rat race and busy, multi-tasking lifestyles, aims to save
employers and job seekers time. This is why, as an added convenience, offers mobile text and e-mail alerts when candidates and jobs match. These alerts provide access to “snapshots” to get a quick view of both candidates and job opportunities.

“We decided to launch our business with .travel because we are travel and hospitality
veterans that no how difficult it is to create clear messaging and brand. With our choice of .travel, there is no doubt to the end user that the website is a one stop shop to find information about jobs within the travel and hospitality industry,”
commented team leader, Celeste Allen. “The arena of employment sites is very competitive, but we believe that is unique because it is exclusive to the travel and hospitality industry at prices that no one can deny provide return on investment.” is a complimentary site for job seekers and very economic for employers. At
$198 a year, employers receive unlimited job postings and searches of qualified
candidates in their local areas. In comparison to the .com competition, is
thousands of dollars cheaper.

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