11.19.08 eTurboNews “ Demonstrates Successful Brand Marketing with .travel”

CHINATOURS.TRAVEL DEMONSTRATES SUCCESSFUL BRAND MARKETING WITH .TRAVEL EXTENSION, owned and operated by the World Panda Travel Group, is a travel wholesaler and tour operator exclusively serving in the Greater China market. markets over 26 years of knowledge operating and managing top notch travel products and receptive services. It provides complete stream-line packaged airline, hotel, cruise, visa, travel insurance to China travel enthusiasts while keeping a competitive edge in pricing, value of products and the quality of service.

Launching in March 2008, the World Panda Travel group adopted to .travel with an intention of cutting through the clutter of conventional domain names and making the industry that they are in more easily identifiable. places emphasis on the .travel extension for the purpose of marketing and outreach to their customers and affiliates. The wide range of .travel names available that clearly represent the business gave ChinaTours the opportunity to use their domain name as brand identification.

When asked how the organization benefitted from the .travel name, David Klees Ding, Managing Director, answered “.travel gave us the opportunity to compete with clear brand identification in today’s online product market. We look forward to full-fledged benefits with great anticipation as .travel matures as a brand by itself becoming more accepted, from the e-commerce viewpoint especially.”

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