1.16.09 Where is the next 5th Avenue of Real Estate Investments?

Where is the next 5th Avenue of Real Estate Investments?

Spurred by the recent news about various domain sales such as for $3.3 million and for $200,000*, the next 5th Avenue of real estate investment is clear.  It is in domain names. In fact, did you know that the buying and selling of domain names is an estimated $2 billion industry?*

Currently, there are over 77 million .com domain names outstanding.   Simple names such as or and all other 5-6 character and number combinations in .com are no longer available in the primary market.

How could so many people all around the world be wrong? Domain names are a valuable investment.  Some sales have gone into six or seven figures like mentioned above, but we have selected some moderate private sales in .com and other Internet extensions. As examples: for $26,633 (cheap hotels in Spanish) for $27,777 for $75,111.*

With the .com market at its saturation point, this opens the investment opportunity to specific domain names such as .travel that provide valuable intellectual property.  As the largest e-commerce category on the net, the .travel opportunity is staggering. With over 2,000,000 phenomenal .travel domain names for investors, check out some that are up for grabs:,,,,,,,,, and many more.

Just ask yourself, if you had the chance to go back and grab your “dream domains” wouldn’t you? Your chance is now. Make a long-term investment in valuable Internet real estate with .travel.


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Who can register a .travel domain?
A .travel domain name is available to everyone who provides or plan to provide services, products or content in or to the travel industry. New travel startups are welcome, and that includes every new travel content provider.

Please enter your name without diacritical marks (accents, umlauts etc), using the unmarked character.

Please tell us how you plan to use your .travel domain name. E.g. Restaurant website, blog, hotel booking, travel agency site.