12.19.08 Looking Back at 2008, .travel Around the World in 365 Days

As the Holidays approach us, we wanted to take some time and look back at this year’s trips, events, and other exciting highlights at .travel. Traveling has been a major component of furthering the awareness of .travel. Washington, Berlin, Paris, Mexico, New York, Costa Rica, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando, Quebec, London, and Miami have been on our list of destinations this year.

2008 has taken us all over the world, but the world has also been talking about us. Over the course of 2008, .travel was featured in major travel industry publications that reached well over 1 million viewers. You may be familiar with a few of these key trade publications: Travel Weekly, TravelMole, Travel Trade, TiViPro, FVW, eTurboNews, Washington Daily News and Travolution.

It is true that 2008 has been a year of highlights from travels and press, but also various important announcements and additions to the .travel family. In May, EXPOTUR, one of the largest Buyer/Seller conferences in Central America announced the launch of EXPOTUR.TRAVEL for promotion of its 25th anniversary event. We have also witnessed many other key industry players that have adopted .travel including:,,,,,, and, just to name a few!

Additionally, Facebook and YouTube have played a major role in .travel. We have posted many videos from our trips on YouTube, and created a .travel community fan page on Facebook. Click to view .travel’s You Tube Channel and the .travel fan page on Facebook.

It has been a great year at .travel, and we look forward to a prosperous New Year, with the expansion of .travel. In January, we will be attending the UMA Motorcoach Expo in Orlando, Florida, as well at DOMAINfest in Los Angeles, CA. Hope to see you there! Many thanks to the .travel websites for submitting success stories this year and if you are interested in being featured, click here… .

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