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“Green travel” is a term that a fast-growing number of travelers are identifying with as their preferred style of seeing the world. Often seen as a very broad term, the phrase encompasses several positive ideas. “Our selection of .travel as an integrated component of our name and brand, combined with today’s very identifiable meaning of the word “green,” allows travelers to easily relate our purpose and offering to the type of eco-friendly trip they’re looking for and greatly eases our ability to be seen in the green travel space online,” said Richard G. Edwards, co-founder of’s mission is to promote green travel throughout the world, with a focus on Costa Rica and the rest of Central America. Condé Nast Traveler magazine has cited as one of the Top Travel Specialists in the world over the last several years for their expertise in sustainable travel and quality upscale trips to Central America. Edwards, co-founder of with his wife Irene Edwards, says that the name itself is “a conversation starter that quickly leads to an opportunity for us to explain what we do with the interesting .travel twist.” He is emphatic, though, that “the clearest advantage is in the online marketing opportunities created by having .travel in our name. We have an immediate affiliation with the travel industry, which allows us to focus on different aspects of our marketing message, knowing that our link to travel is in the URL.” He believes the benefits of .travel’s identification with solid travel industry members will grow as more and more respected industry organizations, tourism boards, agencies, and other companies continue to adopt the .travel name.

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