1.7.09 Travel Daily News “.travel benefits travel organisations”

Edward A. Cespedes: .travel benefits travel organisations

Edward A. Cespedes, CEO of Tralliance and .travel, speaks to TravelDailyNews International about the benefits and the developments of “.travel” (dot Travel), the sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD) for the tourism industry.

TravelDailyNews: What has .travel achieved over the past 4 years?

Edward A. Cespedes: I think that after going through our share of growing pains, we have proven we are a viable, stable, and very useful domain for the travel industry. The proof is in the results. You have to look no further than major destinations all over the world that have adopted .travel. And, consumers are finding these on search engines. Both are very important when noting our achievement of the past years. They show that the domain is specific and relevant.

TDN: How could .travel help change the economic downturn?

E. C.: All global travel and tourism sales begin with finding customers. The fact that .travel sites perform exceptionally well in search engines; makes it possible for more people to find .travel sites. This represents a clear reduction of customer acquisition costs, benefitting travel organizations directly in a time where profits are difficult to find.

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Who can register a .travel domain?
A .travel domain name is available to everyone who provides or plan to provide services, products or content in or to the travel industry. New travel startups are welcome, and that includes every new travel content provider.

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