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Looking for a getaway to boost you to a new level? Discover a “Life Elevated” experience in Utah.

Take your vacation to new heights in Utah. Five national parks, more than 40 state parks, and 13 ski and summer resorts offer a combination of outdoor adventures including downhill skiing, hiking, biking, water sports, wildlife excursions, and off-highway adventures. Utah’s “Life Elevated” experience blends the beauty and excitement of the mountains and desert into breathtaking views for travelers to enjoy.

The Utah Office of Tourism adopted as part of its new “Life Elevated” brand, right after the launch of the .travel domain. “Utah was one of the first states to use the .travel domain as its main call to action in advertising and marketing materials,” stated Tracie Cayford, Deputy Director for Communications, Operations, and Fulfillment, “It has provided the Utah Office of Tourism with a way to measure Web visits and determine the state’s ‘Life Elevated’ advertising effectiveness.”

To compliment the richness of the offerings of the state, presents an interactive website with specific links to connect visitors to their favorite activities, events, and destinations, as well as photo slide shows to spark an excursion to a new location.

To get a glimpse of what Utah has to offer, please view its most recent Summer 2008 “Life Elevated” advertisement currently running on national television. Click here…

If you have not visited Utah, now is the time to start planning your “Life Elevated” vacation at

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