6.13.08 Travolution

Tralliance Claims Dot Travel Domain Still Has a Future

by Linda Fox

The top level domain still has legs and will become increasingly prominent according to its organisational body Tralliance Corporation.

The TLD was originally launched in the middle of 2005 but has so far failed to gain momentum in the UK compared to, and even

However, Tralliance chief executive Ed Cespedes told Travolution that the .com world is fast reaching a saturation point, which will force corporations and other industry organisations to seek other ways to establish a presence.

Cespedes said that there are now 76 million names out there with at least 20% belonging to the travel sector.

“ is finally reaching saturation and today there are no more three, four and five digit domain names or a combination of letters and numbers. The prediction is that within five years all the combinations up to 10 characters will be gone.”

He added that companies can still get a five-character name but will probably have to pay thousands for it.

Cespedes said: “For the first time there is a movement saying we will have to mobilise other things so there is an opportunity for a new domain.”

The sheer volume of players on the internet will also drive companies to seek new ways of establishing a presence.

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