6.17.09 .travel Blog-Mexican Tourism on the Rise

Mexican Tourism on the Rise

Over the past months with not only the global economic crisis but also the Swine Flu pandemic, Mexican tourism faced a challenge.  With cancelled flights, hotel reservations, and cruise lines skipping Mexican ports of call, very few in the travel industry missed the effects of changed itineraries.  However, it appears through recent articles such as Cruise Lines Revive Mexico Tourism featured in Travel Trade and Mexico’s tourist industry recovering from Swine Flu outbreak by Travel Daily News, that Mexican tourism is on the rise.

With the start of summer and schools now out, it looks as if travelers do not stay deterred from their Mexican vacations for long.  With great travel deals and health fears now subsided, it is evident that Mexico is on vacationers’ minds.

In fact, many of the most popular Mexican destinations are part of the .travel community with:

and many others (muchísimos más)

Perhaps this turn of events with the Mexican tourism market is also a sign of the travel industry on a gradual upturn as mentioned to featured articles in this newsletter by both and

Let’s hope so! (¡Ojalá!)

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