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Santa Catarina, a place like no other…

Rather unknown to those outside of South America, Santa Catarina is a region that most would call, “incomparable”. Santa Catarina is a subtropical state in the Southern portion of Brazil with a natural vocation for tourism. Santa Catarina not only offers whale watching, scuba diving, rafting, hiking, and beaching, but also, a growing niche of business and incentive travel.

In order to promote this unique, all-encompassing destination, Santa Catarina needed a way to reach the North American market and promote its appealing sales platform to adventure and business travelers alike. As of late 2007, was launched and since is witnessing increased growth and progress.

“We thought it would be more suitable to have a domain that would help end-consumers, travel agencies, and tour operators to identify our site as one that specializes in tourism; .travel states this message clearly,” commented Martin Desmaras, Director of IBI Asia-Pacific, “Additionally, we were recommended by USTOA and other trusted professionals in the industry about the advantages of .travel.”

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