7.7.09 Travel Trade “Ibiza .travel Site Gets Increasing Traffic”

7.7.09 Travel Trade “Ibiza .travel Site Gets Increasing Traffic”

Ibiza, in the Balearic Islands off the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is crediting the .travel URL for its Web site,, for increasing its profile in the market, according to Heidi Siefkas-Cassemiro, vice president of marketing and public relations for the .travel URL.

“We adopted to support the local Ibiza travel industry,” stated Josefa Marí Ribas of Ibiza’s destination marketing organization, Consell Insular d’Eivissa. “With such great importance to the global tourism industry, .travel was a logical choice to promote our accommodations, sports, culture, and gastronomy.”

In 2008, the site received nearly 85,000 visitors. With nearly 40,000 visitors in the first quarter of 2009, the marketing organization predicts total visits for this year will well surpass 2008.

Additionally, the site is attracting new visitors, according to Ribas, noting that about 75% of all Web site views are from new, first time viewers.

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