9.12.08 eTurboNews

9.12.08 eTurboNews, bringing their business to .travel

Launched in late 2007, VacationRentals4U has a goal to bring the renters together with the rental owners to facilitate a fantastic beach, mountain, and ski or lake vacation. But why did they choose to launch with .travel? Mike Lawell, the sites founder, along with his wife Karen explained, “We launched our site, because Karen’s parents own a house in Seacrest Beach, FL, and were having troubles renting it. I used my experience in the Dot Com industry to build a site that has helped keep their rental rented”.

Receiving over 800 new visitors per week, and with a Google ranking that ranges from 1 to 4, VacationRentals4U will continue to grow into one of the most popular .travel rental sites. Mike and Karen’s ultimate goal is to make VacationRentals4U one of the best rental sites on the entire Internet, “We hope to have every vacation destination listed on the site with thousands of restaurant reviews, vacation rental reviews/testimonials, events, newsletters, and much more”, says Mr. Lawell.

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