“.Travel is the business “last name” of the participants in tourism business” “.Travel is the business “last name” of the participants in tourism business”

Are you looking for a reliable tourist agency in Montenegro?

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do?

Gordana Popovic: Travel Agency Adria Line is an independent professional DMC and receptive tour operator in Montenegro. Montenegro is a small country in south-eastern Europe on the Adriatic coast. Montenegro with black mountains and blue sea, monasteries and medieval attractions, lakes and national parks…provides a unique feeling. On our site visitor can find everything about Montenegro: pictures, maps, tours and prices.

We pride ourselves on our originality, dynamism and responsiveness to clients’ requirements, and we continue to maintain the best client loyalty track record in the national tourism industry for a number of reasons: unsurpassed creativity, perfect planning and energetic, trained staff. Currently our team in Montenegro consists of highly qualified individuals who were chosen for their professionalism, creativity and the passion they have for their profession, plus a number of freelance guides and drivers who have been hand picked for their knowledge, courtesy and excellent service. As an experienced local tour operator, we know Montenegro inside out. You can rest assured that when it comes to Montenegro travel services, nobody does it better!

dot Travel: What is the target audience?

G. Popovic: We have cooperation with travel agents and group travel organizers from all over the world. We recognize that travel agents form the foundation of the travel industry by providing valuable insight and advice to travelers. We are proud to work with more than a hundred of travel agents around the world so they can offer their clients great tourist programs that are lower priced and higher quality than those which are offered by their tour operators.

Although we cooperate with all the world markets most of our customers come from European countries – France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, UK, Ireland …

Of course, we should mention the countries outside the European Union such as: Australia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Mexico and Brasil.


dot Travel: What is the business model?

G. Popovic:  Adria Line Travel Agency specializes in crafting innovative travel ideas and creating a cohesive and creative identity for travel events. Our team provides each client a highly individualized service, directly adapting to the needs of the client. Even more, our business partners over the years have become our friends with whom we have very transparent business cooperation in the common goal of bringing our programs closer to people of all payment opportunities. Every happening is a unique way to send our clients and friends a certain message and make a strong impression, which will help their business connections and friendships become stronger in the long run. Tailor made packages are one of the best ways to achieve this because each program is a unique project, event or a combination of events that send exactly the type of message your company wishes to communicate.

During the process of designing tailor made programs we stay true to our clients in order to create relevant ways of distinguishing their brands in the marketplace or simply making the best out of your holiday experience. The most important characteristic of our packages is that every aspect is carefully planned in advance so as to meet your needs and requirements. In other words, each of these programs is highly personalized and created especially for you, therefore it cannot be repeated.

Over 25 years, tourist experts from our travel agency has been pampering the most discerning clients and creating unique travel experiences in the exciting West Balkan region (Montenegro & beyond). This beautiful but little-known part of the world has true gems to offer to the modern high-end traveler. We put the new hot spots on the travel map – the pristine Mediterranean hubs of Montenegro, history rich Croatia, alpine fairytale sceneries of Albania and new and exotic destinations such as Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia.

The main activities of the company are in the field of incoming tourism such as:

– Hotel accommodation
– Transfers with vans, minibuses and buses
– Daily excursions with English, German, Italian, French and Russian speaking tourist guides
– Shore excursions from Montenegrin ports Kotor and Bar
– Tours for groups through Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia

Our packages entail our meticulous organization and services such as dinners, entertainment, hotel reservations, transfer, travel management, guides and all the other amenities necessary for making such programs a success. However, our focus on detail is crucial because the combination of all these little things (such as the type of the buses, the particular choice of guides, the choice of venue, the type of excursions, restaurants, etc.) creates a harmonious blend of unique experiences that encompass all interests and passions of ours clients. Since our team has extensive experience when it comes to creating tailor made programs, we put our clients’ needs as our first priority. We use our comprehensive management skills and creative flair to deliver programs of superior quality that fully comprehend their professional needs.


dot Travel: There are many web sites tourism ¿Why choose ?

G. Popovic:  Pictures on the website are real. Our visitors can see pictures of our team, our destination – Montenegro with a detailed description, our buses and hotels with which we work. We are very happy, because people recognize our team in the pictures and sent us e-mails of thanks from all over the world.

Our unsurpassed insight into destination’s best, personalized approach and uncompromised level of services make us experiential ground operator in the Montenegro. Offering anything from the top quality hotels and high quality vehicles, guides and drivers to personalized historic tours and authentic dining experiences, we are really a one-stop-shop for our partners. All our programs are carefully crafted and made-to-measure, making sure that our clients get the absolute best from their trip. So, with Travel agency Adria Line, the high-end experience in Montenegro and in this region is ultimate.

We will be happy to organize a tour for you and show you hidden treasures of this beautiful area: abundance of historical and cultural monuments, breathtaking natural beauties, crystal-clear sea, friendly local people and their original lifestyle and so much more…

dot Travel: ¿How and when you met .travel and decided to work with us?

G. Popovic:  We learned about the .travel domain a few years ago, but as we already had an existing web site on another domain, we did not consider it necessary to make some changes to the additional domain. However, over the past few years in our business crystallized the fact that they require significant changes to the recognition of professionals in the field of tourism. That’s why we thought it was very natural for us to buy another additional domain and that it was just .travel. Since we are located on the Adriatic coast, our registered name of the travel agency in Montenegro is Adria Line, we have decided that good solutions is simply

dot Travel: What are the main advantages that generic domains available to companies in the case of .travel?

G. Popovic:  We believe that a tourist brand of a professional travel agency needs to be credibly built to the finest details. Tourist business is like art. In order for this activity to be performed it is necessary to have the feeling and the love for this business and the people to whom you provide the service.

One of the most important things in every business is the proper choice of domain. Domen .travel should be an integral part of every tourist organization, tourist agency and other tourism-related entities because it is the business “Last name” of the participants in tourism business. Those who have already registered the domain .travel know that the authorized persons of this company check each site whether it has tourist content. This is a kind of guarantee for us as well as our future business partners to have business with tourist professionals. This should be really a characteristic by which to recognition of experts in the tourism industry.

You can not be a professional travel agency if you have a free domain that has free hosting.

dot Travel: Do you think that .travel will help your page as a solid tool to locate your message or product to your audience?

G. Popovic:  Yes, we absolutely believe in it. We are very proud of the fact that we are one of the family members of domain .travel and that we will thereby improve our business in the global tourism network. It is a business investment in which we will make clear to future business partners that we think of the finest details.

dot Travel: How do you see in next future?

G. Popovic:  We will endeavor to provide our visitors with more information on Montenegro and neighboring countries. We plan to make the descriptions of each of the Montenegrin cities substantiated with photos, descriptions of our natural beauty, history, culture and customs…We see our site as a place where people will come because of common work, but also to get acquainted with what one small country in the south east of Europe can provide for their guests.

dot Travel: Would you recommend .travel as a trusted site?

G. Popovic:  Of course, that is what we believe and why we are here.


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Gordana Popovic - Manager at

Gordana Popovic – Manager at

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