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When adventuring on the frontier of the mind, body and spirit you must have a reliable guide., the hub of physical, cultural and nature-based adventure travel is the traveler’s guide to finding high quality, trusted tour operators from around the globe.


The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) owns and operates ATTA decided to launch this site with .travel because they “felt that the .travel domain would ‘gather steam’ over time and become an important address in the long term for the travel industry. It also was a really great name for our domain and the adventure seeker who is online,” said Shannon Stowell, President of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. is currently using their .travel name in much of their marketing materials including email addresses, collateral, trade events, and at all events where the ATTA speaks. The .travel name is also used on their “ Club Cards”, which total over 100,000 printed cards for consumers that have the web address on them.

“Over time, the site is the trusted home for adventurers to find the best companies to travel with and they can interact with peers to learn about their experiences with tour operators,” stated Stowell. “The usage of  helps more consumers and businesses become familiar with the .travel domain and trust its usage in a travel context. More than 200 tour operators are now listed on the site.”

adventure2 website name offers a clear brand marketing message that is short, sweet, and to the point. The consumer-focused site is targeted toward adventure-seekers, who search for travel experiences, adventure sports and even travel products such as apparel and gear. When searching for the term “adventure travel,” shows up as position #1 in Google.


Adventure.Travel is about creating a place for travelers to find tour operators and other companies they can trust for their adventures. is a site where listed companies cannot pay to rise to the top of searches, so travelers can trust the reviews and the listings not to be positioned according to paid slots.

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