A Journey of Discovery, Diversity, and Determination…


Created by a non-for-profit organization dedicated to tourism education and the youth of Africa, the Africa Adventure Cape to Cape Expedition will take place March 2009. This unique journey features 5 vehicles crossing 2 continents and a total of 28 countries. The trek begins at Cape Agulhas, on the southernmost tip of Africa, and ends in Nordkap, Norway taking about 8 months to complete with a total of 40,000 kilometers; plus, the participants are all women.
To promote this awe-inspiring expedition, the African Adventure Cape to Cape Foundation launched as its official informational and marketing source late last year.
When asked why the Africa Adventure Cape to Cape Foundation adopted .travel, Enya Fehler, Chairperson stated, “We immediately responded to this new domain, as it clearly identifies what the website is all about – travel and tourism – no doubt it is a must have for every serious tourism player – total no brainer.”
Although the foundation registered the name two years ago, it was not until this initiative that it fully was launched and implemented.
“A year ago we had a new project developed – The Africa Adventure Cape to Cape Expedition! This was the time to activate our .travel name on its own and it has proven to be the best thing since sliced bread”, said Fehler, “This past month attracted 26,788 hits, however this will ultimately increase over the next 24 months as they are in preparation of promoting this website ‘big time’.”
Highlighting tourism to Africa on an international level and attracting sponsors such as Mitsubishi, is getting noticed. For more information on Africa or to find out how to participate, please visit

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