Wildlife expeditions, family safaris, honeymoon trips and dream beach vacations Wildlife expeditions, family safaris, honeymoon trips and dream beach vacations is a small and independent tour operator specialized in travel and holidays all over the African continent and the Indian Ocean: Wildlife expeditions, family safaris, honeymoon trips, dream beach vacations… Our company is operating for all the Spanish speaking market in Spain and the Americas.


We knew from the beginning about the importance of the name of our agency, so we had no hesitation in deciding for a professional and quality domain like .travel, hence our choice for

AET_003 will take you to the most beautiful and wildest destinations on Earth, where to enjoy a memorable and quality experience. We are offering a selection of the best accommodations, from private nature reserves and boutique hotels, to mobile camps and private expeditions, with just the right amount of adventure, the one you want!

Our advisors will design tailor-made, private and exclusive experiences according to your budget and desires. Our consultants are expert travelers with personal experience and professional knowledge about the best destinations in Africa, which will help you to design your ‘one in a lifetime’ journey… in style!

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