“We have gotten great feedback with the .Travel domain. Website visitors now know quicker that we are in the travel business. We are very satisfied with the decision!”

“We registered for a .travel domain already 6 years ago, but we only recently started using it. We started using it because we noticed that visitors from our website could not identify quickly enough what Berry Whale is and what we do. So 4 weeks ago we decided something needed to change and finally started using the .travel domain, and we have gotten great feedback already. Website visitors now know quicker that we are in the travel business. We are very satisfied with the decision!”


Berry Whale is one of the main tourism marketing agencies in Latin-America, and it’s tenth anniversary is coming up. In this new stage we intend to facilitate access to global brands; a market of over 650 million people.

Global tourism agencies have never established a lasting position in the top 3 successful tourism agencies in any latin-american country, simply because the Latin-American tourist is very different than the American of European tourist. Many global brands do not know about the needs and wishes of the Latin-American tourist, and so they market them in the same way as they market European or American tourists. The Latin-American tourist is interested in different types of trips and has other interests; unfortunately many global tourism companies do not know about this.

“We are interested in presenting our new product which allows tourism agencies and brands to introduce their products and services in Latin America. The name of the product is: Latin America Key. This product aims to consolidate into a single point a serie of activities and tasks for marketing, communication and PR to be implemented in one country, a group of countries or specific cities at an absolutely reasonable cost.

We have put all our experience and knowledge in the development of this solution, and it is one of the products we are the most proud of at this point in time where it is almost our tenth anniversary”, says Sjouke van Alst, Project Coordinator at Berry Whale.


“We are the leading tourism marketing agency in Latin America today. Since 2006 we are adding value to more than a hundred brands, companies, individuals and governments in more than a dozen countries. We are known as a team with passion and commitment; we are willing to give more, we go further and investigate in depth the situation. Honesty, loyalty and humility of each people who make up our team, are the aspects that make our company stand out against the others.

Our mission is to Develop and implement the highest quality creative solutions on all types of communication platforms, promotion and distribution; allowing businesses and brands to exploit its tourism potential to position, promote, market and distribute their products and services”.

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