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Offering a unique blend of modern refinement, scenic allure, culture, and heritage, Brunei is a majestic kingdom of unexpected treasures. With such richness, it is no doubt that Brunei is a distinctive and exciting travel destination in South-east Asia. Brunei Tourism is working to market its undiscovered tourism potential in the extremely competitive global tourism market. It is with a clear strategy of increased expert staff in conjunction with implementation of that Brunei Tourism creates its identity as a chosen destination.


Having adopted .travel in all of its promotional materials, advertisements, trade fair booths, and means of communication such as email and business cards, Brunei Tourism is 100% branded with .travel. It is with this web presence that Brunei Tourism is witnessing significant results in search engines and with increasing numbers of visitors to its website. When asked about the benefits of marketing with .travel Jeffrey Sunnylai, Tourism Officer in the Marketing and Promotion Section of the Brunei Tourism Development Department, stated, “Having a .travel domain represents a convenient and easy way to identify genuine travel entities. It should be a must for those in the industry to adopt the .travel domain name.”



With the Internet growing by the minute, Sunnylai continued, “That .travel gives us a certain recognition; it makes it easier for us to be found among the millions of sites on the Internet.”


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