“We felt very happy and confident in choosing it and it went better when we discovered that there is a whole network behind it, so making us very curious of what can we achieve by using this domain”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Christian Arteaga: is a project that I created being myself a tourism consultant, with the aim to offer my professional services to designing unique travel experiences. I worked all my life in the tourism industry and have developed an extraordinary network of suppliers and professionals, now part […]

Read More » “This name, in combination with the .travel domain, which specializes in travel related websites, gives JustGo.Travel that professional finishing touch. A perfect match”

JustGo.Travel – Travel Blog – Explore the world your own way JustGo.Travel is a travel blog full of inspiration, itineraries, travel tips, travel photography and insider tips & tricks directly from the travel- and aviation industry. Supplemented with extensive practical information to prepare a trip to perfection, to anywhere in the world. dot Travel Domains: […]

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Official Destination Sarajevo Guide with @dottravel

The Internet portal,, is owned by the Sarajevo Navigator Foundation, a destination marketing organization (DMO) for “Destination Sarajevo”. represents the official promotion channel for Destination Sarajevo – a unique tourist destination with a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage. As such, the portal provides users with information on what is happening in […]

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DoorToDoor.Travel: “We see the future with a single word, and if you’ll allow us in capital letters… .TRAVEL”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? How did it arise? José M. Navarro Medina: Door to Door Travel & Tours was born as a Travel Agency in Granada specializing in Tailor Made Travel and Corporate Events. It arisen from the initiative of some partners, lovers of Granada and Andalusia, and their need to […]

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We are a Mountain Boutique Hotel that promotes Nature and Adventure Tourism in the skirts of the Pico de Orizaba Volcano, located in the Sierra de Zongolica in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Built on 4 hectares of Cloud Forest, at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level, so you will enjoy a pleasant […]

Read More » “The .travel domain is key for people to recognize a company that works in the world of travel, settling in the minds of its customers as such”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? How did it start? Valeria Villalobos: Faro Travel is a social network for travelers from around the world. Within it, users can generate world travel ideas; Through an algorithm created by us, we connect that idea to our online store, offering them all the products and services […]

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The .travel domain is consolidated in the tourism sector

Press release from The .travel domain, which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year with a remodeling of its website, is consolidated in the tourism sector. During this time, thousands of companies have migrated to this extension, becoming the favorite of numerous countries and regions to promote themselves to the world.,, […]

Read More » “The intrinsic value of the .travel first level domain gives us a strong recognition in the market for our new users and against our competitors”

Vivere delves into the hearts and minds of travellers, using innovative interest- and emotion-based search criteria to yield the perfect destination match dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Matteo De Santis: We are a destination discovery platform, and we are very close to the release of the second version of our platform. We […]

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Showcase Travel Digital story

Technology and its ever-evolving usage has transformed the visitor economy in recent years. It has altered the way travellers research, book and enjoy their experiences, as well as how travel businesses talk to each other and partnerships are made. The 4th running of Showcase Digital, ETOA’s flagship technology event, followed the theme of “The Digital City […]

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New @dottravel site: – International Hotel Marketing Agency

We are a full service global marketing agency combining marketing, creative and technology to deliver outstanding results. Not only do we help devise tailored plans to meet your marketing goals, we deliver substantial ROI through our team’s commercial focus. Employing only the very best talent, our team at Journey is made up of experts in […]

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