Treknepal.Travel: “We didn’t want to go back to a corporate style website, so we decided that would be the most pertinent and suitable name for our organization” is a leading Nepal based trekking and expedition agency with unparalleled local expertise and strong ethic and integrity principles. dot Travel Domains: What does your business do? Chhetup Tamang: is the official website of Altitude Randonnee Trekking Pvt. Ltd. We are a Kathmandu-based local trekking and expedition agency, registered under the Nepal Government Ministry […]

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ColombiaEco.Travel: “We knew of the .travel domain from the country brand, We decided to use the .travel domain almost immediately”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Daniel Buitrón: Colombia Eco Travel provides sustainable and authentic travel experiences which educate travelers about Colombia’s rich culture and diverse natural beauty while protecting local economies and promoting ecological stewardship. dot Travel: What is the business model? D. Buitrón: We are an inbound tour operator specializing in sustainable tourism. dot […]

Read More » “We felt very happy and confident in choosing it and it went better when we discovered that there is a whole network behind it, so making us very curious of what can we achieve by using this domain”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Christian Arteaga: is a project that I created being myself a tourism consultant, with the aim to offer my professional services to designing unique travel experiences. I worked all my life in the tourism industry and have developed an extraordinary network of suppliers and professionals, now part […]

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DoorToDoor.Travel: “We see the future with a single word, and if you’ll allow us in capital letters… .TRAVEL”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? How did it arise? José M. Navarro Medina: Door to Door Travel & Tours was born as a Travel Agency in Granada specializing in Tailor Made Travel and Corporate Events. It arisen from the initiative of some partners, lovers of Granada and Andalusia, and their need to […]

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Vivere delves into the hearts and minds of travellers, using innovative interest- and emotion-based search criteria to yield the perfect destination match dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Matteo De Santis: We are a destination discovery platform, and we are very close to the release of the second version of our platform. We […]

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dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Esteban Almeida: It deals with tourist activity. We love to organize trips to Ecuador and Galapagos. At you can find all the necessary information to plan your vacations and discover the outstanding four regions of Ecuador. dot Travel: Which audience is it aimed at? E. Almeida: […]

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Are you looking for a reliable tourist agency in Montenegro? dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Gordana Popovic: Travel Agency Adria Line is an independent professional DMC and receptive tour operator in Montenegro. Montenegro is a small country in south-eastern Europe on the Adriatic coast. Montenegro with black mountains and blue sea, monasteries […]

Read More » “We started working with .travel in 2013, since then the statistics have shown us a steady growth in visits, which shows that changing the domain was a good decision”

dot Travel Domains: FITUR is an ideal framework for exposing and capturing the attention of potential tourists and investors. What were the results in 2017? Patricia Diaz Juarez: Puebla continues to create tourism products to offer more options to visitors; and it is in a stable state that is moving forward, making it attractive to […]

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dot Travel Domains: Peru was present at FITUR making the country’s rich gastronomy known, as well as revealing some novelties that will take place this year. Could we get some updates on these developments? Sandra Doig Alberdi: One of the most important innovations for the tourism sector is the inauguration of the Kuelap Cable Car: […]

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