BCN.Travel: “Overall a great experience that helped us in branding and building trust” – Your local expert for Barcelona dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Christian Petzold: We are a local incoming travel provider in Barcelona. dot Travel: What is the business model? C. Petzold: We have got a city portal, we do provide own tours and we work as a DMC and organize business events and […]

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HiBolivia.Travel: “We liked that the extension was the right fit for our business industry. In addition, we found that it was easy to choose the exact name we wanted since the .com domains were completely saturated” is a leading incoming Tour Operator/DMC integrated by a team of passionate and uncompromised individuals. With tailor-made tours & programs that include the most important highlights of Bolivia, they seek to inspire travelers to come to this diverse and authentic country. dot Travel Domains: What does your company specialize in and where are you […]

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Putumayo.Travel: “We knew back then that .travel domains were very important to be recognized in the travel and tourism community. So, we didn’t stop to think about other options, we went straight to obtain our own .travel domain” is the official tourist office/guide for the region of Putumayo situated in south west Colombia on the border with Ecuador. What we do is to offer all kind of information about the touristic places and also look forward to levelling up tourism in Putumayo. dot Travel Domains: Who is and where are you […]

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dot Travel Domains: What does your company specialise in and where are you based? Adam Ogle and Darryl Newby: We are based in Melbourne and specialise in showing backpackers, students and au pairs (from all over the world!) why it’s the greatest City in the world. dot Travel: You are today a successful business attracting […]

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Treknepal.Travel: “We didn’t want to go back to a corporate style website, so we decided that would be the most pertinent and suitable name for our organization” is a leading Nepal based trekking and expedition agency with unparalleled local expertise and strong ethic and integrity principles. dot Travel Domains: What does your business do? Chhetup Tamang: is the official website of Altitude Randonnee Trekking Pvt. Ltd. We are a Kathmandu-based local trekking and expedition agency, registered under the Nepal Government Ministry […]

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ColombiaEco.Travel: “We knew of the .travel domain from the country brand, We decided to use the .travel domain almost immediately”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Daniel Buitrón: Colombia Eco Travel provides sustainable and authentic travel experiences which educate travelers about Colombia’s rich culture and diverse natural beauty while protecting local economies and promoting ecological stewardship. dot Travel: What is the business model? D. Buitrón: We are an inbound tour operator specializing in sustainable tourism. dot […]

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dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? Christian Arteaga: is a project that I created being myself a tourism consultant, with the aim to offer my professional services to designing unique travel experiences. I worked all my life in the tourism industry and have developed an extraordinary network of suppliers and professionals, now part […]

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DoorToDoor.Travel: “We see the future with a single word, and if you’ll allow us in capital letters… .TRAVEL”

dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? How did it arise? José M. Navarro Medina: Door to Door Travel & Tours was born as a Travel Agency in Granada specializing in Tailor Made Travel and Corporate Events. It arisen from the initiative of some partners, lovers of Granada and Andalusia, and their need to […]

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We are a Mountain Boutique Hotel that promotes Nature and Adventure Tourism in the skirts of the Pico de Orizaba Volcano, located in the Sierra de Zongolica in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Built on 4 hectares of Cloud Forest, at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level, so you will enjoy a pleasant […]

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dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? How did it start? Valeria Villalobos: Faro Travel is a social network for travelers from around the world. Within it, users can generate world travel ideas; Through an algorithm created by us, we connect that idea to our online store, offering them all the products and services […]

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