“We felt very happy and confident in choosing it and it went better when we discovered that there is a whole network behind it, so making us very curious of what can we achieve by using this domain”


dot Travel Domains: What does your company do?

Christian Arteaga: is a project that I created being myself a tourism consultant, with the aim to offer my professional services to designing unique travel experiences. I worked all my life in the tourism industry and have developed an extraordinary network of suppliers and professionals, now part of this project, that allow us to offer a complete range of services: you name it, we got it.

All of us are committed to making our clients live their experiences in Latin America in a safe and unique way. We offer our services through a Panamanian or a Peruvian company being physically based in both Countries. We have direct tour operation in Peru while we work with local tour operators in the other destinations so far offered (Panama, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia).

dot Travel: What is the business model?

C. Arteaga: Our business model is focused on the consultancy activity with Christian Arteaga expert in designing unique experiences for worldwide tourists visiting Latin America. We do not have fixed packages, instead we design personalized experiences based on a preliminary interview with the traveler where we get to know the person, his/her expectations and interests, the foreseen budget, the time he/she can dedicate to the journey, and other details (such as medical information, category of trip preferred, etc.) that we consider important to create a unique experience. Of course we could provide options of packages in case the client requires so.

At present we are operating in Peru and Panama through word of mouth of our first clients and look forward to selling also in Europe, United States, Australia, Canada and Central American Countries. Our aimed market is that of passionate travelers between 27 and 65 years old that we plan to reach through Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as by investing in SEO and Google Ads in early 2018.


dot Travel: What is your main identity? What are the services most demanded by your customers?

C. Arteaga: Our main identity is the capacity to offer designed “Signature Experiences” to Peru as main destination but also to Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Panama.

The most demanded services would be:

Designed Experiences in Peru: Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Ica, Iquitos, Lambayeque and Cusco
Culinary Experiences in Peru: the local gastronomy, starting from Lima and the Pisco tastings routes
Culinary Experiences in Chile and Argentina especially for wine tasting routes
Experiences to Patagonia – Argentina
Experiences in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile
Experiences in Galapagos, Ecuador
Experiences in Uyuni Salt Lake in Bolivia
Experiences in Machupicchu in Peru
Experiences with Native Communities in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador
Vision Quest Experiences


dot Travel: ¿Why choose

C. Arteaga: We design tailor made travel experiences as travel lovers ourselves in the first place and with the desire to create dreams for our clients. The domain is a direct way to refer to what we do, it directly expresses our identity. Choosing “.travel” is an important part of our marketing strategy.

Christian Arteaga, Travel Consultant

Christian Arteaga, Travel Consultant

dot Travel: ¿How and when you met .travel and decided to work with us? What has been your evolution?

C. Arteaga: We got to know of “.travel” when creating our domain with “don dominio”, it was one of the options proposed and immediately elected it as the best for our project. We felt very happy and confident in choosing it and it went better when we discovered that there is a whole network behind it, so making us very curious of what can we achieve by using this domain.

dot Travel: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of inclusion in the digital world to maintain competitiveness. How has .travel helped you to achieve and maintain this competitiveness?

C. Arteaga: We are recently starting our business but we have big expectations. As I mentioned before, choosing the domain was a strategic decision to us and we will work to make the best possibilities of it.

dot Travel: How .travel has helped your page as a solid tool to locate your message or product to your audience?

C. Arteaga: We have recently started the company and selling campaign so we will be able to report on the results achieved in a short future. From our side using the domain is not just a marketing election, it also implies important concepts such as “ethics, consistency, quality and security”.

dot Travel: What would remain of your experience using .travel ?

C. Arteaga: So far we have had a great experience, this also for being part of a well identified network rather than a generic “.com”.

dot Travel: How do you see your .travel site in next future?

C. Arteaga: Well, hopefully doing lots of business and keeping going with it, this is part of a life project.

dot Travel: Would you recommend .travel as a trusted site?

C. Arteaga: Sure we will.


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