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The official tourism promotion organization for Colombia, its Seeing the inherent impact that .travel has as a marketing tool for the world tourism industry, it was a logical choice. “Our goal is to raise the profile of Colombia as a world tourism destination” commented Turismo de Colombia. “It is such a beautiful country, the only risk in visiting is that you will want to stay and never return home.”

Since its launch, the site receives roughly thousands of visits a month and continues to witness these numbers rise. With interactive media, multiple languages, and fresh content, it is no wonder that the new site is so popular.


Colombia use .travel in TV commercials, informative mailings, worldwide tourism fairs, posters, shirts, maps, bags, and all other marketing materials.


“It is without a doubt that the .travel domain has helped Colombia in being identified and stand out from the crowd in the expansive realm of travel on the Internet.”.


Just check out’s video on YouTube and discover our natural treasures.

To learn more about the breathtaking beauty of the Amazon, the Carnival festivities of Barranquilla, or the Coffee Triangle, please visit our site or download the app.


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