ColombiaEco.Travel: “We knew of the .travel domain from the country brand, We decided to use the .travel domain almost immediately”


dot Travel Domains: What does your company do?

Daniel Buitrón: Colombia Eco Travel provides sustainable and authentic travel experiences which educate travelers about Colombia’s rich culture and diverse natural beauty while protecting local economies and promoting ecological stewardship.


dot Travel: What is the business model?

D. Buitrón: We are an inbound tour operator specializing in sustainable tourism.

dot Travel: What is your main identity?

D. Buitrón: We are known for ecotourism products in English.

dot Travel: What are the services most demanded by your customers?

D. Buitrón: Tailor made tours which focus on culture and nature.


dot Travel: ¿Why choose

D. Buitrón: Our name says it all, and what better way to show it on our online based business than with a memorable domain which is not only specific to our industry, but also reflects our brand. We are also able to align with the Country Brand domain more easily and thus get more traffic.

dot Travel: ¿How and when you met .travel and decided to work with us? What has been your evolution?

D. Buitrón: We knew of the .travel domain from the country brand, We decided to use the .travel domain almost immediately.

Daniel Buitrón Jaramillo, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Daniel Buitrón Jaramillo, Co-Founder and Managing Director

dot Travel: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of inclusion in the digital world to maintain competitiveness. How has .travel helped you to achieve and maintain this competitiveness?

D. Buitrón: We are 100% and online travel company. Having a domain which reflect our values in the branding is a great way to stay competitive.

dot Travel: How do you see in next future?

D. Buitrón: We continue to grow organically as inbound tourism continues to increase in Colombia.

dot Travel: Would you recommend .travel as a trusted site?

D. Buitrón: Yes, I would recommend it. Specially if the name of the company included the word travel.


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