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The Digital Tourism Think Tank is the name given to an initiative, which aims at providing thought leadership to the tourism industry in digital marketing best practice. This project was created by Nick Hall, founder and CEO, who has more than 10 years experience working in digital tourism marketing, both in the marketing sector and in the tourism industry. Nick is supported by his #DTTT Team, who have a great experience in the tourism industry as well. In addition, T’he Digital Tourism Think Tank puts together a team of #DTTT experts in diverse and varied fields of the tourism industry.


With a background In destination marketing of more than a decade, Nick is one of the tourism industry’s leading experts on destination marketing. As founder ofthe Digital Tourism Think Tank (#DTTT), the leading platform connecting destinations worldwide on topics around digital trends and transformation, Nick has worked with hundreds of destinations helping to navigate the complexities of an increasingly digital visitor experience.

Through his work heading up the #DTTT Nick has led the industry to think about “Destination Transiomtation” and the impact the ‘always on’ visitor the multi-touchpoint path to purchase and the need for organisations to think differently about their approach. At the core of Nick’s message and expertise is the need to stay current, on par with consumer trends, and foster a culture of innovation to remain competitive.

Nick is a sought after keynote speaker with hundreds of engagements to his name, speaking extansivety throughout Europe and further afield from Hawaii to Greenland-Cape Town to the Faore Islands.

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Have a look at the programme for day 1day 2 and speakers list. We really hope to see you in Brussels for this exciting event!

Over the past four years we’ve inspired, engaged, connected and challenged hundreds of NTOs and Cities to embrace developments in digital and to continuously disrupt and adapt, as visitors do. Here at #DTTT HQ things are hotting up. We’re opening our flagship event for this first time to the wider visitor. As future destination challenges command a more joined-up approach, we’re inviting government, attractions, think tanks and digital leaders to be part of something amazing.

Topics will hinge on the impact that digital has had on our entire industry, including but also extending beyond simply marketing. We’re putting digital innovation at the heart of conversations around branding, transformation, service design and crisis planning. With our new global focus, we’ll be sourcing real stand-out examples of performance and innovation in digital from around the world.

.Travel and the #DTTT Team!

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