DoorToDoor.Travel: “We see the future with a single word, and if you’ll allow us in capital letters… .TRAVEL”

DoorToDoor.Travel: “We see the future with a single word, and if you’ll allow us in capital letters… .TRAVEL”


dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? How did it arise?

José M. Navarro Medina: Door to Door Travel & Tours was born as a Travel Agency in Granada specializing in Tailor Made Travel and Corporate Events. It arisen from the initiative of some partners, lovers of Granada and Andalusia, and their need to show and spread, in a different way, our beautiful land and abundant history. We captured the idea with a project in the form of an agency capable of giving the possibility of visiting our land in a different and very personal way. Our slogan “Discover, Travel, Enjoy …” are the three words that define the message that we want to transmit to all the travelers who choose us as a destination.

dot Travel: Which audience are you targeting?

J. M. Navarro Medina: Thanks to the wide range of tourism offered by Granada and Andalusia, it is aimed at a National and International audience. We would like to point out that, as a Specialized Agency for Tailor-Made Travel, the customer who comes to us usually seeks an extra of exclusivity when making their trip, and in this aspect, is where we differentiate ourselves. Parallel to this we have a line of business with products oriented to Companies and Private Events, but respecting equally our value offer that distinguishes us, originality, personalization and exclusivity are the pillars of the experiences that we offer as an agency.

dot Travel: How has the public reception been?

José M. Navarro Medina: For our short lifetime, we have to say that we have raised a great interest, by our commercial offer, both in individuals and companies. We are very proud of the welcome we have received, which is reflected in a considerable number of requests for information and reservations made so far.

dot Travel: What is your business philosophy and model?

José M. Navarro Medina: As we mentioned before, our business model is the exclusivity, originality and personalization that we put into each product we offer. Our philosophy is that we love and believe in our work, we create an emotional bond with it on a daily basis and we involve our clients with our recommendations, ideas and experiences in an ethical and professional manner. But above all, our main desire is that customers who visit us have values when traveling, that they love nature and protect the environment, respect the different cultures, local laws and traditions and, above all, human rights, regardless of their gender, sexual identity, skin color, origin, ideology or religion.

dot Travel: What is the ultimate goal you are pursuing?

José M. Navarro Medina: To introduce our land and reveal our culture to the whole world, but in a different and original way, based fundamentally on history, traditions, gastronomy and a current search for new experiences in a changing environment, and we wish from the humility of our agency to contribute a grain of sand to foster the passion for traveling and to know Andalusia.

dot Travel: What are your main distinguishing features? What makes you different?

José M. Navarro Medina: Our business line seeks to promote all the quality tourist services offered by this region. Working along partners with considerable prestige and professional career, creativity, innovation, practical knowledge, skills, daily work and a team of great professionals are a daily guarantee that we offer towards the success of each trip. Our difference lies in our brand, which is a true reflection of the Agency, a personalized attention, different, professional and knowledgeable of the place and the spaces provided to the clients.

dot Travel: And what about the services you offer?

José M. Navarro Medina: We cover a wide range of services such as Tours, Luxury, Trips, Sports, Events, Meetings, Corporate, Travels D2D, all of them can be done in Private or Group and go from unique experiences of one day to weekly circuits in different destinations of Granada and Andalusia.


dot Travel: How and when did you learn about .travel and decided to work with us?

José M. Navarro Medina: Our project, although it was born only a few months ago took 2 years, we realized that there was a market demand when making trips with a personalized touch and new experiences, we could call it trips à la carte, and in that niche, we placed ourselves to create our brand, and at the same time we knew it through our partner, your founder, he spoke to us about the future of this domain in our sector and the magnificent expectations as a tourist company that we could have with a. travel.

dot Travel: How has your business evolved?

José M. Navarro Medina: The evolution is very good, we try to explain to our business partners and customers who contact and ask about the domain, what it is and what the advantages of using it are. In a world so globalized, for us to belong to the .travel community is a symptom of professionalism and a message for all the quality travelers who treasure their companies, in fact, our confidence in the domain is so high that a few days ago we have just acquired another .travel for our next expansion project.

dot Travel: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of being part of the digital world in order not to lose competitiveness. How has .travel helped you achieve and maintain this competitiveness?

José M. Navarro Medina: Door to Door Travel & Tours is made up of Grenadian professionals and entrepreneurs with more than two decades of experience in the Tourism, Hotel, Catering and Events sectors. This knowledge of the sector, the customer and its evolution in the last years towards a digital world that we are aware of since the beginning of this project was our premise in having a good online presence that would allow us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the members of the sector and more in our city, in which we were pioneers with this domain. We believe that adopting the domain is an excellent starting point and we encourage the various touristic players to use it, because we have the certainty from our Agency, that today it is a sign of quality and trust for all Internet users looking for a business, institution or destination at the time of making their trip or Corporate Event to own a .travel.

dot Travel: Choosing the right domain / brand on the Internet is the first step to success. How was the domain name chosen?

José M. Navarro Medina: The brand comes from the idea of our founding partner to look for a commercial name with a meaning in its words, thus was born Door To Door Travel & Tours, for us its meaning is that we accompany and guide from door to door, open our doors and invite to experience the hospitality of the places we visit, we want travelers to feel at home, with a very personal and exclusive treatment, surrounded by a framework of sustainability with the environment, all without compromising the capabilities of the environment and the needs of future generations, those are the values of the Agency and from them, we found, the domain was perfect for the brand, perfectly matched our philosophy and yours.
We are very happy to have it and we have a blind faith in its potential, and we have no doubt that the domain will be a fundamental pillar in the success of our project.

dot Travel: How did .travel help position your page as a solid tool to present your message or product to your audience?

José M. Navarro Medina: As we mentioned earlier .travel allows us to position ourselves within a highly saturated market of .com .es .net … ect. as a quality company, and at the same time the consumer perceives it as a sign of confidence when traveling.

dot Travel: How do you see the future?

José M. Navarro Medina: We see the future with a single word, and if you’ll allow us in capital letters… .TRAVEL

dot Travel: Would you recommend relying on .travel?

José M. Navarro Medina: Totally. Today it is important to get established within the market with an offer of clear and differentiating value, but likewise, it is necessary to endorse this offer with quality and trust stamps and in this sense .travel gives us that characteristic that the digital customer praises so much.

José M. Navarro Medina, Founder/Partner at DoorToDoor. travel

José M. Navarro Medina, Founder/Partner at DOORTODOOR. travel

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