From two man operation to a staff of over 20 – Success Case

How does an Australian travel company, specializing in cruises, go from being a two man operation to a staff of over 20 with offices in Sydney and Hong Kong in only nine years? By being the best. is Australia’s premier cruise only travel agency. Anywhere is possible with where voyages range a three day “cruise to nowhere” where passengers can unwind at sea to an 18 night trip from Hong Kong to Dubai. also serves a huge international audience. In 2007 the Italian based Costa Cruise Lines named the “Best Online Agent in Asia Pacific.” And that is just the tip of the iceberg. received the Cruise Passengers Reader’s Choice Award and became a Hitwise Top 10 award recipient.

ecruising_travel_homepage_screenshot chairman, Brett Dudley has been a supporter of .travel since the domain’s 2005 inception. “.travel made perfect sense to me. When the domain was released, we were thinking of expanding globally. It has worked out well for us and our company’s head office, now based in Hong Kong.” uses the .travel logo in all of its marketing efforts, including: baseball caps, TV and print ads, .travel is even used on ecruising’s Kombi van!

ecruising_homepage_screenshot_2 has successfully established itself as a global brand with no boundaries. ecruising’s adoption of the .travel extension has caused site traffic to increase dramatically. Its’ largest amount of visitors now come from the United States! also supplies huge name online travel providers such as Travelocity India and Zuji Singapore. Brett Dudley’s entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking have turned a small local travel agency into one of the most thriving cruise providers in the Pacific. Dudley is grateful for .travel’s contribution to this success, saying “Our experience with the .travel transition was helped by the service we received from the organization and staff. In our 17 year history .travel has been one of my best decisions.”


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