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Our Mission: To be your support in creating your leisure and business travel as joyfull and easygoing.


Event Horizon travel agency gathers experienced professionals in fields of tourism and branches that are inevitably connected to it. Our package tours are custom made by tour specialist who have been on each location of our itinerary. Our customer service is carefully selected with wide experience in the tourism and service activity.


Business event management is lead by a team of specialists who understand the corporate world, and who have worked in many companies, local and foreign.

Finally, the creative, free and very distinctive team of tourism professionals are here to create special experience tours with variety of magic moments in which are included all the finest Croatian national, cultural, historical and ethnical treasures.



We can assist you:

  • Planning a vacation or a tour in Croatia
  • Creating a tour round Europe including itinerary custom made by your needs, including Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro…
  • Booking a flight, commercial or low budget
  • Booking an accommodation in Croatia and worldwide
  • Creating events for your company, including meeting and congresses
  • Providing other services which are included in tour packages, insurance, renting a vehicle, advising where to go, what to see, where to eat, where to stay with your pets etc.
  • Consulting and advising you in variety of tourist and event services in Croatia

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