Going Green?? What are you and your organization doing for a greener earth?

Going Green?? What are you and your organization doing for a greener earth?

With the overwhelming amount of press on rising gas prices, which affects the cost of food, travel packages, and our daily commute, it is difficult to miss the importance of going green and contributing to the solution of our planet’s growing problem.

Concerned about the earth and its environment, we at .travel have been investigating what others are doing to preserve the world in their workplaces, family lives, and leisure.

Recently returned from Costa Rica, the .travel team learned first hand from the speeches of prominent tourism and government bodies that Costa Rica will be carbon neutral by 2012. With a population of 5 million people, that is impressive!

Also, earlier this month we stumbled upon a blog entry, “Save the Pacific-Print on Demand Only” from a blog on Written by the Chief Executive of, the post tells a story of the mountains of printed documents that are piled daily on his desk. He commented that those said papers head straight for the round trash basket and he sheds a tear for his Pacific ocean. As a part of’s green movement, it has adopted a Print on Demand Policy for emails, newsletters, and the like.

From South-Pacific’s example, we found much written about the huge opportunities for the reduction of paper use and trash through electronic distribution of information via weekly e-newsletters, websites, news feeds, and interactive blogs. In fact, this trend has already started. According to the World Institute, paper consumption dropped nearly 6 % per person from 2000-2005. They accredit this to the decreased use of newspapers.

And now, we share what .travel is doing as of present to contribute to the green movement. .travel is a supporter of the Just a Drop foundation, Just a Drop is a worldwide non-for-profit organization with the commitment to provide safe drinking water to 3rd world countries. With the continued support from .travel, Just a Drop will continue to provide teams to construct wells in all corners of the earth.

Whether it is cleaning with green products, not laundering your towels at your hotel everyday, carpooling or using mass transportation, or just thinking before your print emails, we need to take part in reducing our footprint on this earth.

Please share with us as well as the .travel community, what are you and your organization doing for a greener earth?

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