Indonesia & Ecuador .Travel domain for a big branding campaigns



To the new era digital has been given a wonderful opportunity to run a campaign by Ministry of Tourism Indonesia with a collaboration with CNBC.

The goal of this campaign entitled ‘Discover Wonderful Indonesia’ is to raise awareness about the beautiful places in Indonesia, its vivacious culture and to promote the tourism industry in the country.

Indonesia’s natural beauty is drawing more and more tourists every year and the government’s efforts to promote tourism in the archipelago with its Wonderful Indonesia campaign have had a positive impact.

The revamped Wonderful Indonesia campaign is a good start for Indonesia to begin making headway in building a national tourism brand with global as well as local appeal.



The Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism, as part of its overall strategy to promote Ecuador as a potential for tourism, launched on June 11 the communication campaign focused on the international tourism industry, together with Ekos Corporation. The campaign is a marketing and communication strategy specialized for the tourism branch.

This objective is accomplished through several editorial and digital communication tools: the specialized magazine, the newsletter, the web page with updated data about tourism, and a massive information spread through social networks. Thus, the initiative is complemented with a proposal of connection with the international tourism agents to increase Ecuador’s offer as a travel destination.

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