Making your dream vacation is now a reality thanks to the immediate financing of Instant Credit

The first multi-financial platform for commerce bets on the “.travel” domain thus reaffirming its focus on the travel sector

A Caribbean cruise, a relaxing vacation on a gorgeous beach, the best end-of-year trip or even swimming among sharks will no longer be things only a few people do. The world at your fingertips, under this premise: Instant Credit, allows both online shoppers and those who prefer to visit a travel agency, to finance their travel instantly via mobile or computer, with no paperwork.

The tedious process of submitting payrolls and receipts or having to rely on the company credit card to finance your trips is over. With Instant Credit, the client goes through the entire process of requesting and credit approval digitally, without having to provide any additional documentation. The buyer receives an immediate response and the additional fees are automatically charged to their card or bank account based on what the customer chooses.

The Instant Credit financing platform allows users to buy everything they want and choose how many monthly installments they prefer to pay for their purchase. And now, at last, travelers too can benefit from all the advantages of installment payments; to travel further and more often than our budgetary constraints will allow.

Online travel agencies: the big beneficiaries of this solution


Internet sales of travel agents in Spain in 2005 stood at 3.940 billion euros, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year, accounting for 30% of the market value of the retail sector. Edreams, Logitravel, Vueling or Atrápalo are some examples of the leading companies of the sector.

Only on the ecommerce channel; The OTAs, the airlines or the hotel chains are the main expenditure in ecommerce. It is a fact that the people tend to travel more and more often and it makes a lot of sense for the client to be able to finance his vacations immediately and with no paperwork, in a sector that has an average ticket price of around 780 € for travel and 500 € for accommodation and it will become a standard of the sector in a short time.

Instant Credit has recently launched the site, its same brand – – under the “.travel” extension. With a solution focused on the travel industry, Instant Credit reaffirms itself as the best allied financing provider for companies in the sector, focusing both on online sales channels and networks of physical travel agencies. As a wise man once spoke out: “Traveling is the only thing you pay for and makes you richer.” And now, thanks to Instant Credit, we have the world in our hands.

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