Interview with “We believe that the registration of the .travel domain has a positive impact in the future diversification and giving the Asian Trails name a stronger travel identity”

Asian Trails’ founding principle is that a Destination Management Company (DMC) should include much more than just offering standard tourism services. Founded by leading travel professionals with years of experience in providing unsurpassed experiences in Asia, the model for the success of Asian Trails has been that we are constantly able to exceed expectations. 

Our increasing network of own Asian Trails offices in destinations across Asia helps us to provide unique and unforgettable tour and travel experiences. Asian Trails’ philosophy is that only a company that holds on to its entrepreneurial style since its birth in 1999 can deliver these exceptional experiences. Allow us to share these personal travel experiences with you based on the definition of “experience” just the way our customers wants it to be.


dot Travel Domains: What does your company do? What is the target audience? What is the business model?

Niels Steeman: Asian Trails prides itself on its extensive specialized knowledge, expertise and integrity that has been the cornerstone of a “yes, we can” attitude. Our services range from tailor-made and wholesale leisure programs, MICE and corporate travel planning, and an extensive variety of theme-based programs – ranging from art, history or adventure – throughout one or more of Asian Trails destinations.

Our expertise is where our strength lies and we are proud to be recognized as one of Asia’s leading experts in travel-related experiences. Our knowledge of each destination is paramount, backed by product innovation, training, consulting and investment into state-of-the-art technology.

By providing engaging experiences for our visitors, we are also very aware to give back to the local communities we operate in. Our commitment to operate sustainable programs creates support and development for our host communities. Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral part of our daily operations, whether this is constructing a school, supporting libraries, or just simply creating a healthy and safe environment for communities.

With an extensive knowledge of the worldwide market, we closely work with all markets in the world; the majority of our customers inside the Asian Trails Group come from mainland Europe, North, Central and Latin America, Indian Subcontinent and a growing portion from Africa and the Pacific region.

dot Travel: What is your main identity? What are the services most demanded by your customers?

N. Steeman: Our mission is simple – to provide the ultimate travel and tourism experience for every single guest or organization that uses our services. This translates into giving honest, straightforward and quick answers to initial queries and being able to keep as much of our service provision within its office doors. Asian Trails is proud to have employed in-house some of the best guides in the 8 destinations we operate in. Our team members are highly trained and this facet, combined with their specialized knowledge of their home countries, provides guests with the ultimate insight into local cultures, history and tastes. We view our guides more as ambassadors of their native countries than just tour representatives, and the many accolades our staff have been awarded is testament to their supreme professionalism.

dot Travel: There are many web sites tourism. Why choose

N. Steeman: Unlike other companies working in the same branch, we have chosen .travel as it clearly defines what industry we are working in, even without seeing a description of the company, one immediately recognizes that Asian Trails is all about travel. We also believe that with the future developments in targeting the right B2B customers via proper SEO, the extension .travel will greatly benefit the position of Asian Trails in the online world.



dot Travel: How and when you met .travel and decided to work with us? What has been your evolution?

N. Steeman: It has been a natural evolution; a passion for travel and the dedication to deliver services that exceed expectations can also be captured with .travel. We have registered various domain names to protect our online name but nothing defines the business we’re in more than the .travel extension.

dot Travel: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of inclusion in the digital world to maintain competitiveness. How has .travel helped you to achieve and maintain this competitiveness?

N. Steeman: We believe that the domain name helped us to set the foundation of what the future will hold for travel-minded companies that want to feature their domain name with .travel. The tourism industry has always been a highly competitive one, even before domain names were introduced so this is not one of the main reasons we see as using


asiantrails5dot Travel: How .travel has helped your page as a solid tool to locate your message or product to your audience?

N. Steeman: We would like to refer to the above; we see it as a stepping stone of what the future on the World Wide Web will uphold. It is seen as an investment in the future as well as giving the company a clear identity for partners, associates, customers and our colleagues in the hospitality and tourism industry.

dot Travel: What specific projects have brought you .travel differential value?

N. Steeman: We continue to deliver our product innovative ideas and services throughout our website. We have no intension of launching dedicated .travel products unless the online market changes and we may see new opportunities that may see new marketing opportunities and revenue streams.

dot Travel: What would remain of your experience using .travel?

N. Steeman: We intend not to change anything at this stage with using as our main domain name.

dot Travel: How do you see in next future?

N. Steeman: We believe that the registration of the .travel domain has a positive impact in the future diversification and giving the Asian Trails name a stronger travel identity. What the future will hold for our SEO position remains at this stage a guessing game with the constant flow of new source information and changes in positioning.

Niels Steeman Head of eCommerce and Marketing at Asian Trails

Niels Steeman, Head of eCommerce and Marketing at

dot Travel: Would you recommend .travel as a trusted site?

N. Steeman: Asian Trails conducts extensive studies before embarking on such projects that are related to our identity and presentation in the market. We do see more sites with .travel passing by and this affirms our trust in this domain extension.

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