Interview – Matias Avenali: “ was born in 2013 and has already been positioned as a local reference in tourist information”

Interview – Matias Avenali: “ was born in 2013 and has already been positioned as a local reference in tourist information”

Tafi del Valle (Taktikllakta), which in Quechua means “Village of the splendid entrance” as it is the gateway to the Valles Calchaquíes, is a summer village located to the west of the province of Tucumán. Due to its stunning scenery and categorized services, it managed to position itself as the mandatory visit for tourists visiting the Argentine north. Covered by the Calchaquí Sierras, Tafí del Valle is the main tourist destination of Tucumán, picked by thousands of visitors that come every year from all over the country or other latitudes. Due to its natural and cultural beauty, during the last decades, summer houses and hotels were built, which turned Tafí del Valle into an outstanding tourist hub in the mountains. At you will find everything you need to plan the trip and enjoy your stay.


-We would like to know the reasons that led to the creation of this project

Tafí del Valle is a tourist destination located in my province, Tucumán, in the north of Argentina. It has great tourism potential and there was an opportunity to develop a portal that also targeted the international market.

-When and how is the website born?

It was born in 2013 and has already been positioned as a local reference in tourist information.

Matias Avenali

Matias Avenali

-What services and information does it provide to the user?

It offers general tourist information of the destination such as the access routes, maps, photos, what to do and what to know, agenda of events and news, and listings of services such as hotels or restaurants, as well as other non-tourist services.

-An adequate tourism promotion strategy also requires an attractive and effective portal. How does the website promote its major tourist attractions to visitors and differentiate itself?

We built it in a way that would cover all the needs when planning a trip: abundant information in clear sections for easy navigation, in addition to having a mobile version to optimize visits from cell phones and tablets. We also have an active presence in social networks like and

-Where do you see yourself within the tourism market?

We have 20 local strategic partners who are the real beneficiaries of the promotion, we have opened a new marketing channel with them.

-Why was the .travel domain chosen? What advantages does a specialized domain in the tourism sector have for traffic to your website?

We chose it as a new communication alternative. It brings us closer to the audience in a clearer and more effective way; the audience which, beforehand, retains the information found when visiting us.

-How do you see the future?

I see it with enthusiasm and in permanent growth.



-Why did you decide to develop tourism portals with the .travel extension?

This started when I found out about the new domains in 2005. I considered that the possibility of including an international word related to the industry turned into a necessary part of the brand, in addition to a better segmentation of the audience.

-How many .travel domains do you have?

We have several domains and we are close to the launch of new sites such as:,, and, in addition to a global directory, among others.

-What benefits do you gain by using .travel? What does it offer that is different from other extensions?

It allows us to incorporate the domain to the brand, strengthening it within the tourist industry.

-What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter an industry where there is already a lot of competition online? Would you recommend a .travel domain?

Of course, I would suggest having it as a great alternative. I would have to see if it fits within their strategy but, undoubtedly, it is an option to have in mind.

-Can the concept of tourism no longer be thought of without the existence of the Internet or mobile technology?

Quite so. In any field, technology allows to better direct resources and to have better management, two key factors in having a competitive company.

-Finally, could you tell us something about your plans for the future? What are the main challenges for the next years? Are there more .travel domains in mind?

We are working on that.

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Who can register a .travel domain?

A .travel domain name is available to everyone who provides or plan to provide services, products or content in or to the travel industry. New travel startups are welcome, and that includes every new travel content provider.

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