Many countries and regions use .Travel to promote their Attractions

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Many countries and regions use .travel as a clear way of identifying themselves and promoting their attractions and services to the world public. Egypt is not a Historical Country. Egypt Came First, Then The History


Egypt is the 29th biggest country in the world, covering a total area of 1,002,450 sq. km. It is located in the northeast corner of the African continent, on the Mediterranean Sea, at a crossroad between Africa, Asia and Europe. It is bordered to the east by the Red Sea, Palestine and Israel to the north-east, Libya to the west, and Sudan to the south […]

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Located in Southern Africa, Zambia is home of the mighty Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World heritage site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – the only one in Africa. The country enjoys a tropical climate –offering a ‘passport’ to sunshine all year round. With an estimated population of 14 million (2015), Zambia is a country at peace with itself and its neighbours with 73 different ethnic tribes (speaking as many languages), living in harmony since time in memorial […]

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Georgia has the dubious distinction of being one of the most invaded nations on Earth. As a nation at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it has been marked by war for ages. From the I century BC to the XVIII century AD the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Ottomans and Russians have all attempted to possess this beautiful land, but none have ever conquered it completely or permanently. As a result, our history became one of the skilled survivals – preserving our culture against overwhelming odds again and again […]

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This website is designed to help potential tourists get better acquainted with Israel as a travel destination. The site offers an inside look at various aspects of the country, including: its many attractions through practical and useful links. Start your journey… […]

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