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With so many things to do and see in Mongolia, you will need to establish your travel priorities and passion based on your time and interests. As the options vary broadly, the choice of itinerary is yours! On this page, you may either search your helper by activity or by operator.


Mongolia is a unique travel destination that offers you the modern, lively, culturally-rich city of Ulaanbaatar and its surrounding 1.5 million square kilometers of country where our millenniaold nomadic lifestyle co-exists with rapidly changing development throughout the country.

Mongolia’s big sky and vast fenceless landscapes will overwhelm you, bring forth your inner spirit of adventure and make you forget your hectic city days. A democratic and free country, with people renowned for their big smiles and straightforward character, Mongolia truly opens one’s inner spirit or as the locals call it your hiimori (“wind horse”).

But because the land is vast, and the reaching the places and events that inspire you might require time and long drives, it is better to design your trip with the help of tour agencies for the most efficient and satisfying experience.



Nearly 90 percent of tourists coming to Mongolia visit Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, where 40 percent of the country’s population resides. Ulaanbaatar is a rapidly developing, fast changing city with an exciting folk, classical and modern cultural life. Theaters, museums, galleries, shops, clubs, parks are favorite places for the city’s guests and youth, and the cuisine choices will remind you that Ulaanbaatar is a truly an intersection of East and West.

Ulaanbaatar is a historic place. The Tuul River’s willow forests was famously mentioned several times in the Secret History of the Mongols, the 13th century account of Mongol history, and it was said that a young Temuujin (later Chinggis Khan) visited this area to ask for his first military assistance from Van Khan Tooril when his wife Borte was kidnapped by the Mergid tribesmen. A remain of what may be Van Khan Tooril’s palace is located in Khan-Uul district of Ulaanbaatar and has not yet been fully studied.


Ulaanbaatar was historically a nomadic city and home of Mongolia’s last religious and state ruler, Bogd Khaan Javzundamba. Until it was named Ulaanbaatar, it went by many different names through an interesting history of which you can learn from the Ulaanbaatar City Museum and Bogd Khaan Palace Museum and Bogd’sKhaan’s brother- Chojin Lama Museum.

One of Ulaanbaatar’s cultural heritage sites is Gandan Monastery. Its daily religious activities can be observed.There are, as well, as many other Buddhist, Shamanist and religious and worship ceremonies conducted in the city. Today as always in Mongolia’s history, religious tolerance is practiced.


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