A brand new web portal for New Caledonia Tourism !

On September 14th, New Caledonia Tourism launched its brand new website: Package suggestions, calendar of events, listing of suppliers… This website available in English, French and Japanese offers an engaging experience to consumers considering New Caledonia for the next holidays.


A unique and comprehensive web platform highlighting the rich and diverse tourism offering of New Caledonia: is designed to replace the many generic microsites (,, or niche & international microsites (,, currently live. The new website offers personalized and geotargeted for all 4 key markets (Australia, New Zealand, Japan and France). Initially in French and English it will then become available in Japanese (end of September) and Italian in 2017. The website also offers dedicated sections to the trade and media allowing access to press releases, online image library and training programme for travel agents.



Exhaustive, contains a wealth of information on accommodation, activities and iconic places around New Caledonia and organised by themes or regions. Its rich supplier’s database will jointly be fuelled by the 3 provinces of New Caledonia (NCTPS, Northern Province Tourism and Destination Loyalty Islands) to reference the entire touristic offering in New Caledonia. Last but not least, to better inspire potential consumers based on key criteria such as demographic (couples, single, family …), holiday length or more specific ones such as experience or motivations (sports, relaxation, culture, seaside …), offers strong recommendations based on consumer needs.


The new website delivers a transformed web experience for users. Some of the key highlights include:

• A strong user experience for visitors to the site – with many stunning images, ease of navigation – prompting users to organically explore the site under different themes like location and interests;• Social media connections and sharing tools are a key feature, embedded on every page, encouraging users to ‘like’ and share with all of their friends.

• A huge volume of original and engaging content bringing ‘news” about New Caledonia, helping fuel that social sharing and ensuring more traffic to the site;

• Special offers and packages feature throughout the site, with the capacity to deliver more sales leads and referrals for tourism partners.

Fully responsive, the website is perfectly adaptable to smartphones and tablets.

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