TIME Unlimited New Zealand Tours and Travel decided it was TIME to get on board with .travel:

TIME Unlimited New Zealand Tours and Travel was created as a result of the passion of its directors, Néill and Ceillhe Sperath. Understanding the awe inspiring beauty of New Zealand and its Maori culture, the business was founded in 2005 with the goal of being a one of a kind travel company aiming to guide the global traveler through a true New Zealand experience. TIME, an acronym for “To Integrate Maori Experiences,” and its founders understood the need to market and communicate the business’ wide array of exceptional trips and adventures to the world. In seeking a clear marketing message and solution, TIME Unlimited decided to migrate from to


TIME Unlimited Tours is one of the most iconic tourism businesses in New Zealand, having won many national in addition to now 3 worldwide tourism awards for the exceptional tours. The extensive range of Auckland Tours is the result of the passion of its Founders and Directors, for the outstanding natural beauty, Maori culture and friendly people that Auckland and New Zealand have to offer.  They are operated with the help of the exceptional team of guides, driving luxury Mercedes vehicles to add to your comfort and enjoyment. Based in Auckland New Zealand, TIME Unlimited Tours provides the most extensive range of high-quality Auckland Tours available, are very passionate about Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland and Aotearoa (New Zealand), and wish to share its most amazing places with all their guests.



Currently, TIME Unlimited uses the .travel domain name in absolutely everything that it does: all advertisements, brochures, flyers, rate cards, press releases, media, YouTube, email, and even its kayaks and life vests. When asked why TIME Unlimited converted to .travel Néill Sperath, Director of TIME Unlimited answered, “What really convinced us was the fact that a .travel domain name is only available to real tourism and travel companies; so it’s exclusive to our industry. This should also lead to Google and other search engines looking more favorably on our website with the result of higher rankings.”


If you are interested in learning more about a customized, fun, and high quality trip to New Zealand packed with “Kiwi” culture, adventure, and natural beauty, please visit

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