President and CEO of Tralliance Corporation to Address EXPOTUR 2008


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – May, 8, 2008 – President and CEO of Tralliance Corporation, Edward A. Cespedes, will address EXPOTUR 2008 in San Jose, Costa Rica early next week. EXPOTUR is an annual event hosted by ACOPROT, the Costa Rican Association of Professionals in Tourism, and has been taking place since 1985. More than 260 selling firms from Central America and other numerous International wholesale businesspeople will attend.

Cespedes is to participate in the Official Inauguration of the event on the night of May 13 with a special announcement to kick off the three day event. Also, he will address the elite audience of two invitation-only events of May 14 and 15. During his visit to Costa Rica, Cespedes plans to present an update on the progress of .travel worldwide, specifically in Latin America, as well as its impact on the future of travel and tourism.

“EXPOTUR and our hosts ACOPROT have given me a great honor as a special guest at the Official Inauguration and as an invited speaker,” stated Cespedes, “I look forward to sharing in the growing success of the .travel domain with EXPOTUR in the future.”

With over 230,000 .travel names active and interest growing significantly worldwide, EXPOTUR and ACOPROT are pleased to feature .travel to the thriving Latin American tourism market.

For more information on EXPOTUR 2008, please visit and for further information on Tralliance Corporation and the .travel domain, please visit,

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