“We started working with .travel in 2013, since then the statistics have shown us a steady growth in visits, which shows that changing the domain was a good decision”


dot Travel Domains: FITUR is an ideal framework for exposing and capturing the attention of potential tourists and investors. What were the results in 2017?

Patricia Diaz Juarez: Puebla continues to create tourism products to offer more options to visitors; and it is in a stable state that is moving forward, making it attractive to investors. During FITUR 2017 the projections were positive due to the interest of the tour operators to hire services and to know Puebla.

dot Travel: Touristically speaking, what are the most notable places to discover in Puebla and what strategies do you use to promote them?

P. Diaz Juarez: Puebla is diverse, from north to south, with green forests and desert landscapes. Here, the past and the present coexist. This is what our strategy relies on; the fact that Puebla has everything for the visitor; history, tradition, gastronomy, adventure, resting and magic. The destinations and products segmentation has been fundamental in the promotion strategy for Puebla.

dot Travel: On your website, there are 46 experiences that can only be lived in Puebla … Which ones should be highlighted?

P. Diaz Juarez: The point is to live them all, but if we could start with one, it would be with the experience 25 “The metropolises of the past”, with structures that show us the first steps of Puebla in becoming the great state that it is today. The basis of any culture is shown in its past.

puebla2dot Travel: And if we talk about your treasures … Which ones can we discover and which ones could we keep a secret for visitors to discover on their own…?

P. Diaz Juarez: Puebla is a treasure for the world, it keeps in its Historic Center the essence of the XVII and XVIII Century, with monuments that are part of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is intended for visitors to walk their own paths and contemplate the facades of red brick and Talavera ceramic; visitors will also discover how its streets on the ground level are as fascinating as the underground city that lives under the city. A network of tunnels that is part of the best kept secret of Puebla. On the other hand, we invite to live the modernity of the city with new attractions and the magic and charm of the traditions and nature in the interior of the state.


dot Travel: We would like to find out more about the pleasures of your gastronomy. What stands out?

P. Diaz Juarez: To the state, it consolidated as a culinary destination that offers diverse dishes with worldwide recognition. The food of Puebla as part of the Mexican gastronomy is part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity. In the state we highlight dishes that mix flavors with great talent, such as the mole poblano, a Mexican classic or Chile in Nogada, the most elegant dish. But we also highlight the cemitas, chalupas and of course the typical sweets.

Puebla has two international culinary seasons; from July to September Chile in Nogada and from October to November the season of Mole de Caderas.


dot Travel: Tourism is a very important sector for the economy of any region. How was 2016 in terms of tourism and what are the expectations for 2017?

P. Diaz Juarez: Puebla is seeing constant growth in the influx of visitors. From 2010 to 2016 Puebla grew by 104% in tourist arrivals to the state, which meant an increase in the economic impact of 120% within the same period.

dot Travel: An adequate tourism promotion strategy also requires an attractive and efficient portal, as it is the first place to search for tourist information. How is Puebla’s website making its main tourist attractions known and differentiating itself? What are its distinguishing features?

P. Diaz Juarez: The portal is designed to promote tourist attractions in Puebla by generating quality content that contains texts, images, videos, maps, etc. So that as they read the content, potential visitors feel like visiting the State.


dot Travel: Based on your background and experience, what conditions must an official website meet to have a good quality index and be a guarantee of success? How do you improve and optimize online promotion?

P. Diaz Juarez: 

– Multimedia Content
– Social media strategy for promotion
– Adequate wording for users
– Veracity in the generated content
– Interaction with users

dot Travel: How and when did you find out about .travel and started working with us? How has the business evolved?

P. Diaz Juarez: We started working with .travel in 2013, since then the statistics have shown us a steady growth in visits, which shows that changing the domain was a good decision.

dot Travel: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of being part of the digital world in order not to lose their competitiveness. How has .travel helped to achieve and maintain this competitiveness?

P. Diaz Juarez: .Travel is a domain that projects touristic products as such and that helps to segment our target audience to obtain satisfactory results. Users understand that we are a portal that will help them find in Puebla a truly unique tourist destination.

dot Travel: Choosing the right domain/brand on the Internet is the first step towards success online. What are the main advantages that generic domains bring to official tourism sites in the case of .travel?

P. Diaz Juarez: Choosing the domain name is one of the most important elements when getting online because this is how users will locate our page. Rather than advantages, there are actual disadvantages when using a generic domain for a tourism portal as when only using a .travel, users identify us as a portal that provides official tourism services; we could use a generic .com domain but only as a support for increasing the amount of users and only if a .travel domain is already up and running.

dot Travel: Does the future look optimistic?

P. Diaz Juarez: Of course! The amount of internet users increases every day and those users are always available to consume content and if we generate adequate traffic so that they’ll find us, we will get very satisfying results.

dot Travel: Would you recommend trusting .travel?

P. Diaz Juarez: There are millions of pages all over the world with millions and millions of generated content, how is it possible for users to see the information we publish? We need segmentation and .travel offers users the peace of mind that any site that ends in .travel will be focused on touristic content and for that very reason we trust our brand to be


Patricia Diaz Juarez - Assistant Director of Digital Media at

Patricia Diaz Juarez – Assistant Director of Digital Media at

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