“We immediately saw that the .Travel domain could help give the site rigor and professionalism”

Puerto de la Cruz was the place where tourism began in the Canaries. Although its tourist appeal is evident, it is above all a fishing village. Its people, customs and even their way of life represent the identity of a place that attracts the attention. It is an ideal destination for the practice of many adventure sports and its beautiful places to discover causes the number of visitors who feel attracted by this magical place to increase each year. is a running site focused on giving all the necessary information to visitors. Information, tips, suggestions … ensure that they feel comfortable from the time of their choice until they leave. It aims to be more of a resource for travelers with the goal to find everything they need to know and what they can do and enjoy. We spoke with them to learn how the .travel domain works for them.


dot Travel Domains: An adequate tourism promotion strategy requires having an attractive and effective website as it is the first medium tourists use to search for information. How does the website present the greatest tourist attractions of the city to visitors?

Juan Carlos Lorenzo: We started with the idea that Puerto de la Cruz as a destination did not quite have a site with compelling content or updated information and we decided to create it ourselves. In this sense the .travel domain allowed us to give it value from the beginning of the initiative.

Juan Carlos Lorenzo - Manager at

Juan Carlos Lorenzo – Manager at

dot Travel: What are your main distinguishing features? Is there a strategy to capture the attention of visitors?

J.C. Lorenzo: We thought that to reveal the attractions of Puerto de la Cruz we would have to pay close attention to the quality of images and videos that we would show on the web. One of the most significant aspects is that we produce our own material we publish, and mainly the photographs and videos that we share on our YouTube and Vimeo channels. We try to generate content that is aligned with the tourist attractions and therefore with what the tourist wants to visit when coming to a place like this. Our strategy on the other hand is aligned with the new touristic status of the city where several administrations work and which is trying to reconvert itself into a multi-experience destination where culture, active tourism and self-identity of a people are its greatest values.

dot Travel: Let’s talk about the sights, tour packages or interests that are most in-demand.

J.C. Lorenzo: No one can overlook the fact that Puerto de la Cruz does not have the best beaches in Tenerife, but its excellent weather throughout the year allows us to think that our website can soon become a point of access to the most qualified offering where you can experience new sensations like paragliding, biking, surfing, hiking, stargazing and the self-identity of a modernizing place.

dot Travel: Based on your background and experience in the world of tourism, what conditions must a tourism website fulfill to have a good quality index and be a guarantee for success? How do you improve and optimize online promotion?

J.C. Lorenzo: In our view a tourist destination website should be inspiring and emotional, and should also be very visual and attractive, not necessarily loaded with information, but useful enough that visitors stay engaged and decide to spend their holidays there. In order to draw traffic to our website, we use other social media tools and invest in digital advertising. The YouTube and Vimeo channels also allow us to increase traffic, which is essential to succeed on the web.

dot Travel: How and when did you find out about .travel and began to work with us? Why this choice?

J.C. Lorenzo: We’ve been part of the world of tourism for more than 20 years, we became interested in the .travel domain as soon as it was launched, but we decided on this domain and to make an attractive website for Puerto de la Cruz only a few years later. Although honestly we considered several possibilities, we immediately saw that the .travel domain could help give the site rigor and professionalism. We liked that in order to work with such domain you had to prove your experience and have a project in the works.

dot Travel: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of having a presence in the digital world to not lose their competitiveness. How has .travel helped to achieve and maintain this competitiveness? What has been the development?

J.C. Lorenzo: We have a somewhat peculiar web model; at the moment we have no information about the destination’s complementary offer. We come from the second design of the website, due to changes that were required for the navigation of mobile devices. We are now defining our strategy and web model with the destination offer and surely the value we offer to our visitors will be major in a few months. We do not want to develop a website loaded with everything the destination has to offer, we think that other websites and tourism tools are already doing that, we’ll probably decide to create alliances with the best and most qualified operators for the destination, that way we unite our efforts and our website is better positioned. As to our performance, we are happy because the visits have been increasing exponentially. We analyze the content that makes us more visible on the web and through which they find us, we try to improve organic positioning but this is something that never ends if you want to constantly improve your website’s ranking on search engines results.

dot Travel: Choosing the right domain/brand on the internet is the first step to success online. What are the main advantages that generic domains provide for .travel sites?

J.C. Lorenzo: We set out to be the best destination website for Puerto de la Cruz; we pay close attention to design, image quality, videos and the .travel domain helped us give it an official quality and rigor. Ultimately we think that we should not convince a potential visitor or tourist of the official qualities of a website with repeated messages but rather with the veracity, updating and quality of its content.

dot Travel: How has .travel helped to position your page as a solid tool to deliver a message or present a product to your audience?

J.C. Lorenzo: We think the domain will help us even more in the next stages of development of the site, creating alliances with the most qualified offer as we mentioned before.

dot Travel: Are you optimistic about the future?

J.C. Lorenzo: Without a doubt; tourism is in the middle of a golden age in Puerto de la Cruz for whatever reasons. Expectations are very good for the next few years.

dot Travel: Would you recommend trusting .travel?

J.C. Lorenzo: Of course, it would be an important investment from the beginning for any tourist destination to make use of a .travel domain. But then there would also be an important job of positioning; to make use of this domain would contribute to greater prominence over other sites with similar content and purpose. You only need to navigate a little all tourism destination websites that already use .travel, for we think surely so many people could not be wrong.


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