“We realized that .travel was the most suitable one because of its clear relation to tourism” chose the .travel domain three years ago, and we have talked with Xabier Prada, owner and administrator of the domain.


dot Travel Domains: An adequate tourism promotion strategy requires having an attractive and effective website as it is the first medium tourists use to search for information. How does the website present the greatest tourist attractions of the city to visitors?

Xabier Prada: The city itself has many tourist attractions that we capture on our website, which are places anyone visiting the city would not want to miss. It is a very easy city to get around, even walking, as long as the places to visit are picked ahead of time and our website helps tourists to have that all set before arriving.

dot Travel: What are your main distinguishing features? Is there a strategy to capture the attention of visitors?

X. Prada: We show clearly what are the main attractions of San Sebastian, without beating around the bush and with clear and concise information. People who visit our city usually stay for 2 to 3 days, during which they want to visit the main touristic spots. They have little time to see a lot of things and therefore we show them what they cannot miss and the tours for those days.

dot Travel: Let’s talk about the sights, tour packages or interests that are most in-demand.

X. Prada: San Sebastián stands out for its beaches, especially the Playa de la Concha, but most tourists who come to the city do not come with the objective to go to the beach as they would in other cities of Spain but rather they do for its landscapes and famous gastronomy. The “pintxos” bars and its restaurants with Michelin stars are without a doubt the most sought-after interests and the reason why more people are drawn to the city.

Xabier Prada - Owner at

Xabier Prada – Owner at

dot Travel: Based on your background and experience in the world of tourism, what conditions must a tourism website fulfill to have a good quality index and be a guarantee for success? How do you improve and optimize online promotion?

X. Prada: A local tourism website should give all necessary information for tourists who are arriving at their destination to already have a good part of their itinerary planned out and to know where they have to go and what things they can do. It has to provide as much information as possible on essential visits and recommended places that they cannot miss.

dot Travel: How and when did you find out about .travel and began to work with us? Why this choice?

X. Prada: We have been working with the .travel domain for over 3 years and we are very happy with the choice. As soon as we started looking for an extension for the project we realized that .travel was the most suitable one because of its clear relation to tourism.

dot Travel: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of having a presence in the digital world to not lose their competitiveness. How has .travel helped to achieve and maintain this competitiveness? What has been the development?

X. Prada: On we offer the opportunity of becoming known to all companies and local businesses that want or have a say in the world of tourism. We provide a place for them to express themselves and promote their services.

dot Travel: Choosing the right domain/brand on the internet is the first step to success online. What are the main advantages that generic domains provide for .travel sites?

X. Prada: In the case of .travel the advantage is clear. It is a domain that everyone associates with the tourism sector and it makes it a memorable domain name that is easy to relate to the sector that interests us. If you’re developing a business related to travel or tourism it is undoubtedly the most adequate extension.

dot Travel: How has .travel helped to position your page as a solid tool to deliver a message or present a product to your audience?

X. Prada: As we have already mentioned, it is immediately clear what sector our website belongs to and having the .travel extension gives it extra value which sets us apart from the very first moment.

dot Travel: Are you optimistic about the future?

X. Prada: Tourism is always a growing sector and in our city in particular it is growing year by year, especially after this year of 2016 in which we are celebrating our nomination as European capital of culture, so we could say that the future looks optimistic.

dot Travel: Would you recommend trusting .travel?

X. Prada: Yes, without a doubt, if you want to develop a project related to the tourism sector I would bet with no hesitation on .travel from the start.

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