Official Destination Sarajevo Guide with @dottravel

Official Destination Sarajevo Guide with @dottravel

The Internet portal,, is owned by the Sarajevo Navigator Foundation, a destination marketing organization (DMO) for “Destination Sarajevo”.

sarajevo represents the official promotion channel for Destination Sarajevo – a unique tourist destination with a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage. As such, the portal provides users with information on what is happening in and around Sarajevo, as well as information on hotels, attractions, events and other details about the city, all of which can help users plan a perfect trip to this destination.


Our team of authors writes feature articles about the superb and interesting tourist offerings that Destination Sarajevo and partner destinations provide. Content is regularly updated to ensure that users have access to the most current information at all times.


Content on the portal is divided into four main categories and assists visitors as they prepare for their trip, while also acquainting them with Destination Sarajevo’s basic features — from the range of travel options and accommodation, to providing assistance with getting around and efficiently managing one’s time during a stay or visit.

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