Social Marketing and its Growth of Importance for .travel

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs are all social media that can enhance your business’ presence on the Internet. .travel has implemented all of these programs to further engage and inform travel agents, suppliers, destination marketers, business owners and other individuals about .travel‘s happenings.

.travel has its own Facebook page which has a global following and growing. Click here to view .travel’s Facebook. In addition, YouTube channels have been used by many of the .travel community; they have successfully promoted their websites using “sticky content” (relevant up to date video experiences). Click here to view the .travel channel on YouTube here are some of the .travel team’s other favorites and

Twitter, another hybrid of social media marketing, has a special way of attracting full-time Internet users. With Twitter, one can post and update, leave, come back and post again. Every minute of the day, friends or even acquaintances can see what you are doing. This keeps people abreast of your company or actions in “real-time”. Click here to view .travel’s Twitter

In fact, the .travel team has noticed that there are many travel related bloggers who have just joined the blogosphere and are using .travel. Check out these below which have two distinct audiences. Both are updated with relevant and fun stories every week. Click here to view MsTravelingPants and TheseBoots.

“This is a great approach to influence and spread the word about .travel. We have been consistently blogging, tweeting, uploading videos, and even inviting members to join the .travel page on Facebook,” stated Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations, Heidi Siefkas-Cassemiro. “Our company believes that by commenting, posting, and blogging we will reinforce the awareness of .travel and engage the community”.

Come join the social media craze and don’t miss out on the fun, information and action.

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Who can register a .travel domain?
A .travel domain name is available to everyone who provides or plan to provide services, products or content in or to the travel industry. New travel startups are welcome, and that includes every new travel content provider.

Please enter your name without diacritical marks (accents, umlauts etc), using the unmarked character.

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