The Celebrations of World Tourism Day Featured Many .travel Community Members

The Celebrations of World Tourism Day

Featured Many .travel Community Members

Created originally in 1970, World Tourism Day is celebrated each year on September 27th. This year the occasion was hosted in Lima, Peru and brought together a group of the leading public and private tourism stakeholders, representatives of civil society and of the UN system. This year’s festivities addressed the ever-apparent need for global climate response by the travel and tourism industry.

As part of these celebrations, many organizations took advantage of launching new projects, initiatives, and websites. Among many of the programs featured and discussed, .travel was a reoccurring theme. As a continuation of the celebrations, .travel wanted to welcome these initiatives to the .travel community: was launched to serve as the central gateway of information and available solutions to help the tourism sector respond to climate change. Designed by the UNWTO with the support of Microsoft, is a collaborative effort to achieve Climate Neutral Tourism. To learn more and help your organization respond to climate change, please visit was also launched as part of the celebrations of World Tourism Day. Although not in Lima, but in Mar de Plata, Argentina, the site was unveiled as a way for the country to address its need for a dramatic web presence to further engage and educate travelers about all that Argentina has to offer. With a goal of roughly 5.59 million international tourists in 2010, Argentina has made the decision to lead its campaign with (*As stated in “El país ya tiene su sitio web de turismo” on Yahoo! T Noticias) also was part of the discussions in Lima. Although launched last October, was featured in Lima for its innovative project and being a pioneer of the travel industry. focuses on various areas that are quintessential to global climate response such as stopping deforestation, reforestation, use of energy conservation programs, and solving pollution by going to its source. This program aims to make Sri Lanka a carbon neutral to assist destination by 2018.

Although mentioned above are only a select portion of all of the important World Tourism Day initiatives, .travel salutes the efforts of all that participated in the World Tourism Day and look forward to sharing in all of their future successes. In the case that an event or program was not mentioned, .travel welcomes your comments and information.

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