FORT LAUDERDALE, FL-November 20, 2008- The Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC) approved important new policy changes at its Board of Directors meeting in London earlier this month.  Formed to promote .travel and recommend its policies and practices, the TTPC Board consists of key travel industry leaders and meets twice yearly to guide further awareness and usage of .travel amongst the travel industry and travel consumers.

In London, the Board discussed various important policy and procedure proposals.  With a majority of the Board, it was decided to release travel industry names currently on reserve for the further promotion of the .travel top level domain.  Also, the Board added a new sector to the group of eligible travel industry sectors and gave Tralliance, the .travel Registry, the discretion to refund registrants whose name(s) have been revoked, the ability to extend the time available to demonstrate use of registered domain names, and approval to conduct authentication reviews subsequent to name registration as well as prior to name registration.

These policy changes will go into effect on December 19, 2008 after a 30-day comment period.  To review summaries of these policies and provide comments, visit

About Tralliance

Tralliance, the .travel Registry, develops products and services to promote the efficiencies and convenience of e-commerce for travel and tourism companies on the Internet.  Designed to serve the global travel and tourism community, the major aims of the .travel sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD) are improved Internet identity, creation of advanced distribution channels, and the establishment of a strong trust factor between the industry and its customers.  For more information, visit

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Who can register a .travel domain?

A .travel domain name is available to everyone who provides or plan to provide services, products or content in or to the travel industry. New travel startups are welcome, and that includes every new travel content provider.

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