TIME Unlimited Tours from Auckland NZ awarded $50,000 Auckland Airport Tourism Industry Development Grant

TIME Unlimited Tours, an Auckland-based luxury tour operator and winner of multiple global awards, has been awarded a $50,000 Auckland Airport Tourism Industry Development Grant. This years ‘Four Seasons Five Senses’ funding round was seeking to support the creation, development or clustering of experiences or itineraries, and the related product marketing collateral or promotional development, that will deliver a seasonally themed experience.


TIME Unlimited Tours winning proposal for a ‘City to Cape Cultural Collection’ regional cluster is about creating cultural connectivity between local hosts & discerning visitors seeking a bespoke journey through Northland and Auckland. These two special regions behold the ultimate New Zealand story about our country’s origins. Many parts of these regions remain well off the beaten tourist trail and offer an alternative for the premier market compared with other NZ destinations. The cultural collection will offer unique itineraries to connect Northland’s rich history and cultural heritage of waka discovery through to integrating our traditions & modern living culture within Auckland’s own diverse regional spread.

Ceillhe Sperath, of Ngapuhi descent, as Co-Founder & Director of TIME Unlimited Tours says ‘Being awarded this substantial grant will assist us to continue our existing business development of quality cultural tourism where NZ’s compelling point of difference is to share with visitors our essence of all things Maori. Our proposal was to enhance the ‘Four Seasons, Five Senses’ concept to a value proposition of ‘All Seasons, Sixth Sense’ of hosting itineraries where the outcome is to share our unique knowledge of being Maori and enhance the visitor experience underpinned by strong values of kinship, hospitality and mutual exchange of cultural understanding.

What is unique with this 6th sense is our cultural values likened to our special references to WAKA – Weaving Ao-Maori Knowledge All-together! Our unique NZ Story is about migration, movement and is a continual journey with a lasting legacy when a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection to its people, its places and its passages in TIME have been realised. If we refer to the saying ‘MA TE WA – all in good time’ then the TIME for Northland and Auckland has arrived – the WAKA so to speak has sailed, we just need to cluster together to navigate this next passage of our journey. To coin the current Tourism NZ advertising of a ‘past, present and future’ state, then we would say in response to receiving this prestigious award announced today: “If yesterday we acknowledge like our ancestors we have arrived, then today we are ready to set sail again with this next exciting phase of our cultural tourism & regional development plan and in turn with our visitors of tomorrow being central to our experiences we can look forward to a mutually rewarding cultural journey of discovery….”

Neill Sperath, also Co-Founder & Director of TIME Unlimited Tours, commented that this $50,000 Auckland Airport Tourism Industry Development Grant is another highlight in a truly outstanding year so far with TIME Unlimited Tours being awarded the National Geographic World Legacy Award in the category “Sense of Place”, which as its 3rd global tourism award was presented at ITB Berlin/Germany in March 2016. This major international award followed their win at the inaugural Luxperience Awards in the category “Meaningful” in Sydney last year along with being named a winner in the 2015 NZ Tourism Industry Awards in the “Maori Cultural Tourism” category. Recently, they were named as a finalist in this latter mentioned award for the 2016 round.
Neill & Ceillhe look forward to partnering with Auckland Airport, ATEED, Northland Inc., NZ Maori Tourism, our cluster members and industry partners dedicated to Tourism in Northland & Auckland and all other interested stakeholders to bringing this exciting concept to fruition.

TIME Unlimited Tours is an Auckland based tourism business with special focus on integrating cultural experiences into their luxury eco-tours in the Auckland region and throughout New Zealand. Since their inception in 2005 their business planning has always focussed on regional development particularly within Northland and Auckland. As a luxury tour operator their focus on One-Day, One-Way and Multi-day tours now also extends to New Zealand wide as growing support from their valued network of trade partners to meet increased demand for these unique experiences & tour services. TIME Unlimited is also active in the MICE industry offering luxury, cultural and eco-tourism experiences as a point of difference when working with industry partners who offer incentives, meetings and events services.

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