.travel Executives Are Packing Their Bags…1st stop D.C.

.travel Executives Are Packing Their Bags…1st stop D.C.

Article highlighting .travel’s participation in TIA’s National Council of State Tourism Directors annual meeting held in Washington D.C. “It was a pleasure to participate in such an honorable group of tourism professionals,” commented Edward A. Cespedes, Tralliance Corporation President and CEO, “Many of the states represented currently own their .travel sites and are promoting tourism with the .travel marketing tool.”

The featured New Faces in .travel story of the week, “One of the Top Five Innovations in Travel, Generating 300,000+ Unique Visits a Month,“. WHL is an on-line booking network with a difference. It’s a global franchise with a focus on travel to destinations in the developing world and “off the beaten track”. “We decided to purchase the .travel name as part of a rebranding campaign to better identify us as a travel service provider,” stated Len Cordiner, Founder and CEO of WHL, “.travel helps identify travel companies like WHL in the myriad of other companies out there.”

Included are two featured articles by Dan Luzadder of Travel Weekly

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